Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Is Adirondack “By Owner”, LLC a real estate agency and/or employ real estate brokers?
A: No, we are an advertising service. Our primary function is to market your property, giving it a wider exposure to potential customers. The buyer and seller (or owner and renter) interact directly. We are not involved in those interactions.

Q: What does it mean to sell or rent by owner?
A: It means that you are not using a real estate broker or agent in connection with the sale or rental of your property.  You will interact directly with potential buyers or renters.  We urge you to contact an attorney before entering into any contract for the sale or rental of real estate.  An attorney should be able to answer most of your questions about how a "by owner" real estate transaction works and whether it is right for you.

Q: How can I learn more about selling or renting by owner?
A: There are many resource books available for selling real estate and managing vacation rentals "by owner". We have assembled a partial list for you on our "By Owner" Sale and Vacation Rental Management Resource Books page.

Q: Will I have to pay you a commission?
A: No.  Never.  The only thing you pay us is our listing fee.

Q: Will my real estate for sale listing on Adirondack “By Owner” also be included in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
A: No. Adirondack “By Owner” is a ‘by owner’ internet listing service. We are not real estate brokers or agents and are not associated with the MLS.

Q: Can I list with you if I am also listed with a real estate broker or agent?
A:It is fine with us, but we suggest that you discuss the implications with your agent before proceeding, such as what effect this will have on your obligation to pay a commission to your agent and whether the agent permits it.  Please note that we do require that the contact phone number and email address you display on your listing must be your own -- not that of your real estate broker or agent.

Q:I am a real estate agent/broker.  Can I list properties on your website?
A: Only if you own them personally. We do not permit real estate brokers or agents to list agency listings on our website. The only exception is if the broker or agent is the actual owner of the real estate, in which case (1) the listing may not contain any reference or link to a real estate agency, and (2) all contact information provided in the listing (including phone number and email) must be the agent's or broker's personal (home) contact information. Other owners and visitors to our website are encouraged to report suspected violations of this policy to us for investigation.  Any listings that are determined to violate this policy will be removed without refund. 

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Since 1998.

Q: Are the testimonials real?
A: Yes - 100% real

Q: Do you have an office?
A: Yes, stop by! We are located in Bloomingdale (outside of Saranac Lake) at 1735 State Route 3. Our office hours are by appointment or luck, although we are generally available from 9am-3pm (M-F).  So please call us first at 518-891-9919 if you would like to set up an appointment.

Q: Do you guarantee we will sell or rent our property?
A: Sorry, no. Every property is unique and every owner sets his or her own terms. We therefore cannot guarantee a sale or rental. However, we believe our testimonials speak for themselves. And, if you have decided to sell or rent by owner, we believe that you could not spend better money on any other advertising source and get the same amount of exposure for your property you will get on Adirondack "By Owner"!

Q: How does Adirondack “By Owner”, LLC advertise?
A: Most of our marketing is devoted to keeping our internet search ranks for real estate and vacation rentals in the Adirondack region in the top three returns on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and We also advertise in area magazines, billboards, summer and winter tourist guides, newspapers, and through chamber of commerce and visitor bureau websites.

Q: Are Real Estate for Sale or Vacation Rental signs available?
A: Yes we do have professional metal yard signs available. Contact us for more information.

Q: Can users of your website make a complaint about a property?
A: We accept complaints in writing. Upon receipt, we forward the complaint to the owner for a response. If the owner wishes to try to resolve the matter, which we encourage but do not require, he or she should do so directly with the complainant. We keep a record of all complaints, owner responses, and resolutions (if any). We may remove a property listing, at our discretion, based on one or more complaints. We do not otherwise become involved in individual disputes. 

Q: As an owner, what happens if someone complains about my property? 
A: See our response to the question above.

Q: What do you tell members of the public about the nature of your website? 
A:All property listings feature the following statement: "This property listing is an advertisement. Please read our DISCLAIMER for more information." A link is on the listing to our disclaimer which states: Adirondack "By Owner", LLC is not a real estate broker or agent. Adirondack "By Owner", LLC does not represent owners, sellers, buyers or renters and does not receive any commission on the sale or rental of properties listed on this website. Adirondack "By Owner", LLC is an advertising service for individuals who are selling or renting real estate. The property listings on our website are advertisements. In this respect, Adirondack "By Owner", LLC is like a newspaper or magazine that prints private real estate and rental advertisements in its classified section. The only difference is that we publish the advertisements on the internet instead of on paper. Adirondack "By Owner", LLC assumes no responsibility and makes no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, regarding any property, real estate or otherwise, listed herein. The information contained in the sale and rental listings on this website has been provided solely by the advertisers (owners) and has not been (and will not be) checked or verified by Adirondack "By Owner", LLC for accuracy -- just as a newspaper or magazine does not verify the advertisements in its classified section. Adirondack "By Owner", LLC is not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, misprints, or otherwise incorrect information. Please do not contact us for information about any of the properties advertised on this website -- just as you would not contact a newspaper or magazine for information about a property advertised in its classified section. We cannot respond to such inquiries. BUYERS AND RENTERS SHOULD VERIFY ALL TERMS, FEATURES, PRICES, FEES, AMENITIES AND/OR FACTS REGARDING THE SALE AND RENTAL LISTINGS ON THIS WEBSITE PRIOR TO ENGAGING IN ANY REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION. ALL PARTIES ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY BEFORE ENTERING INTO ANY CONTRACT, AGREEMENT, OR LEASE RELATING TO THE SALE OR RENTAL OF REAL ESTATE. While we do not become involved in individual disputes or grievances between the public and the property owners listed on our website, we do make an internal record of complaints from the public and reserve the right to remove properties at our discretion based on one or more complaints. We accept complaints only in writing preferably by email. You must provide the listing number for the property, the owner's name (if you know it) and a detailed statement of your complaint. Upon receipt, we forward your complaint to the property owner for response. This means that if you send us a complaint, the owner will know that you have made the complaint, the owner will know your name, and the owner will know your contact information, including the email address you used to submit the complaint. Frequently, when we forward a complaint to an owner, efforts are made to resolve the matter. However, we cannot guarantee this will happen and we do not become involved in individual disputes with property owners. All real estate advertised with Adirondack "By Owner", LLC is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination." Adirondack "By Owner", LLC will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all real estate advertised with Adirondack "By Owner", LLC is available on an equal opportunity basis.


Q: How do I get started to post a new property listing?
A: First you must visit our Owner Administration Center. Here you will be able to set-up an account with Adirondack “By Owner” and obtain your Username and Password. Once your account is set-up, you're ready to post a new property listing.

Q: I don't have internet access. Can I still list my property with you?
A: Yes, no problem. Just contact us at or (518)891-9919.

Q: I don't have an email account. Can I still list my property with you?
A: Yes, no problem. Just contact us at or (518)891-9919.

Q: How do I put photos on my listing?
A: It’s easy! After you have submitted all of the necessary information about your property, you will be directed to the photo management center which will walk you through the process of uploading up to 15 photos. You must have electronic copies of your photos in .jpg file format ready to use on your computer to upload with our automated system. Photo orientation is important. Landscape oriented photos (wider than tall) are preferred over portrait oriented photos (taller than wide). Landscape photos take advantage of the large photo format on your listing page and fill up the screen better. Also, portrait photos cannot be used as thumbnail photos on a search display of your listing. The minimum photo file requirements for uploading; minimum dimensions are 1200 x 900 (or 675 x 900 portrait). Please upload an image at least 1200 pixels wide or 900 pixels tall. If you do not have digital photos or experience problems uploading your photos, please contact us at or (518)891-9919 and we will assist you.

Q: Why do some photos that I upload look better than others?
A: Photo quality can depend on several factors. Make sure you are taking your photos on a bright, sunny day to ensure good light levels. Scanning photos to upload will work, but if at all possible, try using digital photos. Do not re-use photos from a printed publication as this can cause poor quality.

Q: What is a personal website address?
A: You can link your personally constructed, non-commercial, website URL address right on your property listing page provided that it relates directly to your property listing (and no other properties). Please no commercial real estate sites, blog sites, etc. We screen personal websites and will remove any that are inappropriate.

Q: How soon will my listing be posted?
A: After you complete the new listing process and activate your listing by paying the listing fee, your listing will be posted immediately.

Q: How long will my listing appear on the Adirondack “By Owner” website?
A: All listing contracts are for a one year period, which runs from the date you activate your listing. You can check your renewal date and renew at any time by logging onto our Owner Administration Center. You will also be reminded by email as your expiration date approaches.


Q: How do I pay for my listing?
A: You will "activate" your listing by paying on-line at the end of the listing process with Visa, MasterCard or Discover card (American Express not accepted) through our secure-pay system. You can also pay by personal check or money order. Make the check out to Adirondack "By Owner" and mail to P.O. Box 337 Bloomingdale, NY 12913.

Q: I don't have a credit card. Can I still list my property with you?
A: Yes, no problem. You can also pay by personal check or money order. Make the check out to Adirondack "By Owner" and mail to P.O. Box 337 Bloomingdale, NY 12913 or contact us at or (518)891-9919.

Q: Can I pay less to list for less than one year? 
A: Sorry, no.  One year is our minimum listing period.  However, once you pay for one year, if you do not want your listing displayed year round, you can "suspend" it through the Owner Administration Center.  Please note that if you suspend a listing, the expiration period for that listing keeps ticking -- it is not suspended. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I remove my property listing before my one year is up?
A: Sorry, no refunds will be given if you discontinue your listing before the expiration of your paid period, regardless of the reason.

Q: Can I get my money back if I don't sell or rent my place after listing on your website?
A: Sorry, no.  But rather than asking for money back, many of our owners say that our nominal listing fee is the best money they have ever spent!

Q:If I do not renew my listing on or before its expiration date, can I retrieve and renew the listing later without having to start over making a new listing?
A: We will hold expired property listings and photos for one year after the expiration date. Just log in with your username and password and renew your listing. Your expiration date will always be one full year from the day you renew.

Q: Can I include more than one property/home on my listing page?
A: Only one property may be featured per listing. The only exception is that you may include more than one unit if they are located adjacent and/or on the same piece of land. Listings not following this policy will be notified and then removed if not corrected (Please note that while some property listings are "grandfathered" from this rule, the rule applies to all new listings).

Q: Is there a discount for listing more than one property?
A: Like you, many of the owners listed on our website have multiple listings. In fact, some owners have told us that they bought additional properties to rent because they did so well with their first property by advertising exclusively through our website!  Regarding the question, we do not offer discounts for multiple listings. We hope that you will agree that given the effectiveness of our website (which is the result of extraordinary advertising and promotion we do for our site, all at a significant cost to us) we believe that our rates are a bargain without any further discount.

Q: My property is not in the Adirondacks. Can I still list it?
A: Sure. Believe it or not, we had one owner list (and sell!) a property in Vermont by using our website. All we ask is that you place the property in 'Other Regions' and make it clear in your description that it is not located in the Adirondacks.


Q:Is there a way to tell how many people have viewed my listing page?
A: Yes, using the Owner Administration Center, you can view the number of hits or visits to your listing page.

Q: Can I make changes to my listing?
A: Yes, using the Owner Administration Center, you can edit, change and add to your listing and photos whenever the need arises without any extra charge.

Q: Once my listing is posted, can I send changes, edits or new photos to Adirondack "By Owner" and have you make the changes for me? If so, what is the charge?
A: We encourage you to make your own changes to your listing on-line. You can do this free of charge throughout your subscription period. However, if you are not able to make changes yourself, we can make changes to your listing for you.

Q: My property listing appears at the bottom of the town/location list. Is there anything I can do to move the listing up on the list?
A: All of our property listings under each town/location rotate each day. Each day, the first listing drops to the bottom of the list and the other listings shuffle up one slot.

Q: I may not be receiving emails from Adirondack "By Owner" or my listing page. What can I do?
A: Make sure you add our email address,,  to your email safe sender list to ensure that you receive email alerts from us. Send a test email to yourself directly from your property listing page on Adirondack “By Owner” to make sure it is received and not filtered by a spam program. Lastly, you can always check the history of email inquiries sent from your property listing page by logging onto the Owners Administration Center and selecting the ‘Listing Inquiries’ button. This provides dates, names, email addresses and content of any email inquiries sent from your listing page.

Q: How does the Availability Calendar work?
A: One feature that is included with the Vacation Rental listings is the Availability Calendar. You access the calendar at the Owner Administration Center. The calendar allows you to block out dates that your rental is not available so that visitors to your listing page can see what specific days/weeks are available/unavailable. The calendar also allows you to take advantage of the vacation rental search by dates of availability. Only rentals available on the dates requested will be displayed in the search results. All vacation rental owners are highly encouraged to use their calendar and to update it at least once a month (we will send you an email reminder about this at the beginning of each month).

Q: What is a Last Minute Special?
A: Another feature that is included with the Vacation Rental listings is the ability to post a "Last Minute Special". "Last Minute Specials" provide a way for vacation rental owners to offer discounted or special rates for short periods of time to encourage bookings. You must be offering some type of discount off of your regular rates in order to post a special. The special is limited to the 30 day period following the date on which the special is posted. The special will be posted on the specials page and on top of your listing page.

Q:If I have more than one listing with you, can I link them?
A: Yes, you will be able to do this as part of the listing process.

Q: Can I hide a property listing from public view or delete a property listing?
A: To hide your property listing from public view or to delete a property listing file, you will need to contact us in writing, When a property listing is hidden, the expiration date does not change. Time remaining continues to tick down.

Q: I forgot my Username and/or Password --- what can I do?
A: No problem, just visit the Owner Log-in page and click on "Forgot your username or password". Information will be sent to the email account on file.