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If you are selling or renting real estate or a vacation rental in the Adirondacks on a "by owner" basis -- meaning that you are not using a real estate broker or agent -- we can help you market your property on the internet inexpensively and without any hidden costs or obligations. We charge a flat rate to list your property on our website. You do not pay any commission or any other charges or fees if you sell or rent your property as a result of our service.

By listing your property on our website, you will be using the power of the internet to achieve the result you want -- the sale or rental of your Adirondack property! Internet advertising is more effective than traditional advertising sources because your property listing will provide detailed information and photographs to a wider audience. Plus, your advertising dollars will be targeted directly to the audience you want to reach.

There's more! We regularly advertise the Adirondack "By Owner" website in numerous newspapers, magazines, and other printed real estate and tourism publications throughout the Adirondack region. We belong to all of the major Adirondack chambers of commerce and we are listed in their directories and on their websites. We also advertise our website on other regional websites. And, most significant of all, our performance in all of the major search engines, such as Google and Bing, is outstanding!

Your listing on Adirondack "By Owner" will include up to 15 color photographs of your property, a generous property description, and your contact information including phone number, email link (if available), personal website link (if available) and social buttons. Your property will be listed according to its location in the Adirondack region and it will be indexed in our internal search engine by keywords you select. This makes it easy for our visitors to find your listing.

Adirondack "By Owner", LLC is run by people who know, love and reside in the Adirondacks. We care about the Adirondacks as much as we care about keeping our customers satisfied. Want proof? Read on below for testimonials we have received from owners who have used our website. These are real testimonials in the owners' own words.


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"We had a very positive experience selling our cabin with the help of your website. I remain impressed by the 4,000+ views. Very good value. Likewise for the sign, substantial and professional looking. Your company helped us save $9,000 in realtor commissions."

"I REALLY, appreciate the way you are always prompt to reply, it means a lot to me as a customer."

"For the past few years we have had our camp listed both on your site and on a competitors site. It has been a pleasure to administer rentals with you. Not so much with the competitor. You have kept something that doesnt need to be complicated simple and straightforward. Keep up the good work."

"I have been absolutely thrilled by how easy your site is to use. Thank you!!! This was our first year renting by the week (or 2), and I am not very good at these things normally, but your site is great."

"I find your site valuable, reasonably priced and really like the direct contact with potential guests... I have 10 listings with you now"

"Thanks so much for the quick response! We look forward to working with you! The current owners speak very highly of your service (the only one they use!)"

"We've had a good experience with your company and appreciated the opportunity to forego the giant rental companies and keep our business local."  

"We have 60% rented by 2/10. You are the best of the BEST!"

"Thanks for doing a great job for me for all these years. I tell everyone that the only way to go is with ADK "By Owner."

"Thank you so very much. I mailed the check yesterday. I appreciate your outstanding customer service! Feel free to use me as a reference anytime."

"The best return for my investment I ever experienced!"

"It's nice to do business with people who do what they say they are going to do."

"Your site is the BEST and I get more referrals from it than any others."

"Wish I'd signed up years ago! Keep up the good work!"

"We love your service!  It really works!"

"I can't tell you the amount of interest in our cabin and how pleased we are with your service."

"I am having great success with your site.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!"

"Thank God we found you -- the check is in the mail!"

"We want you to know we think this was the best money we ever spent!  We've raved about it to many. Our next door neighbors will post their camp through you, and one of them is a real estate broker." 

Read below for more comments we have received from owners who listed their properties on our website.



"I'm writing once again to thank you for the service you provide. We sold our last property in two weeks, thanks to AdkByOwner and the For Sale sign! Excellent people to do business with and great price. We would use your business again in a heartbeat!"

"The property has a pending offer. I intend to write an outstanding review for" ADK by Owner" and I have referred your service to a colleague who is selling property."

"We have closed and the new owner has taken possession so you may delete it.  Thank you so much for your website!  It was so easy to set up our listing and change things on it and we got so many views (and a buyer!)."

"Thank you so much.  We got more attention and interest in the property once posted on ADKBYOWNER than listed with a Realtor for over 18 months."

"Closed on our camp on Friday! ADK "By Owner" IS THE WAY TO GO! This is the second time using your site to sell our camps and we are really pleased with the results. Sold first camp in two days. Second camp took about a month! Didn't really need the sign. One happy camper!"

"I have recommended selling through ADK By Owner to a friend as I received many viewing requests which ultimately resulted in a sale."

"It is with pleasure that we send this message to you. We listed our house with Adirondack "By Owner" in June 2018 and within a few weeks we had several inquiries and a very interested couple from Saranac Lake, NY. We sold the house to that couple and had the closing on Friday, September 24th. It was a success using your site to advertise and want to let you and others know how easy it is to sell property this way and how quick it went. Thank you for helping us sell our house!"

"Thanks to listing on your site, we were able to sell our Cabin and just closed on it last week.  We would like you to remove the postings for Real Estate and Vacation Rental, as I am still getting tons of requests despite my best efforts to inform your viewers it is no longer available under our ownership."

"Just wanted you to know that our house sold!!  Thanks to ADK by Owner!!!"

"Thanks! Our property sold thanks to ADK By Owner. Such a great service!"

"Property has been sold. We had an offer 2 weeks after we listed and have had 1500 views of the property. Great job, Thanks!"

"I think the web site is great and user friendly. I have many responses regarding my Minerva home."

"The listing sold about a week ago. Thanks again - the service worked out great for me."

"Thank you for your service, great results each time used."

"I have now sold my property listing, to a buyer that found and contacted me through ADKbyOwner. I also had it cross-listed with a local real estate agent, but more leads came through your site and also ultimately the purchaser.  Thank you for your listing service!"

"Thank you for the service you offer. It has been a really valuable tool for us and helped us sell our property. We will be sure and recommend you to anyone we know who needs to sell their Adirondack property."

"We have sold and closed on the property, so please close the account. You have a very nice professional site. Thank you."

"Thanks again for your assistance with this whole process, it went very well - much less expensive than using a realtor!"

"Thank you, Adirondack by Owner, we sold our home! Using your sign in front of our house is what actually captured the attention of our buyer. We will happily use your easy and effective service again."

"The property has been sold. Your site is wonderful! I'll be sending other listings in the future, and would highly recommend your site."

"We have sold the house, Thank you. We had great success with the site and will use your site to plan our future travels."

"We have a signed purchase offer on our place as a result of our ad with you. We are really appreciative and grateful for that."

"I can't thank you folks enough, as your site has done so well for me over the past 10 years. Worth every penny..."

"We have a purchase offer in the works for the timeshare we are selling. You will be glad to know that the potential buyer saw the listing on your service. So, it was definitely worth the fee. Thanks for your help throughout this process."

"I have been a longtime customer and have been happy with your service. I sold a house in 2013 and used your site for many years to rent some of my houses. I may be ready soon to list another property [to sale]."

"We closed on the property. We did eventually list with a realtor also, however, we received more leads including the one that facilitated the sale of the property from ADK “By Owner”. Thank you for a pleasant experience."

"Your website has worked very well for me. I plug the site to others every chance I get."

"Thanks again for running ADK By Owner – we are so pleased to have this resource. We highly recommend to everyone."

"I was successful in selling our Old Forge camp. Your site was great, thank you."

"I have good news, I have a buyer and her financing was approved! Saw the sign and went on ADKbyOwner to view. Thank you so much for all your help and the signs - it worked beautifully. I couldn't have done all this without you!"

"It looks like our home [in Keene Valley] has sold using ADK by owner. Thanks for your help."

"We are supposed to close on our house in the next month, so we will let this expire. Thanks for keeping up ADKBYOWNER – it is a wonderful resource as we bought and sold through the site."

"You can go ahead and remove the listings. They have all sold thanks to your site. I appreciate it."

"The closing was on Sept 8th. We much appreciated the exposure that your website gave us. It resulted in several inquiries, and certainly raised the awareness level very positively. Many thanks for all of your excellent assistance with our project, which concluded most successfully."

"Thank you! We sold our home in Johnsburg, NY, thanks to your web site."

"It looks like my house has sold/under contract now. Adk. By Owner - what a great website, many inquiries, it's been great. I recommend Adk By Owner to everyone I know."

"Just a quick note to let you know that I sold my house [in Saranac Lake] through your service and it was worth every penny. Simple and effective! Thanks :)"

"The sale is final . . . I had a superb experience with ADK By Owner. The year before I rented the camp through your site. We had wonderful groups renting. When I decided to sell, it was good to have if officially listed and saved a bundle on real estate commissions. And I know our lake better than any realtor does anyway."

"Appreciate your service. It worked well for the sale of our land. Hoping it will help in selling our home."

"How can I remove our listing? We listed our house [in Schroon Lake] with you on June 21 of this year, and have just had the closing! We are very happy with your site. We have had over 1000 views and a good number of inquiries. Thank you for your help, and I am recommending your site to others in our area who want to sell their homes."

"I had a very positive experience with Adirondack "By Owner" and will encourage anyone I know to use your services."

"I had the closing on my property [in Huletts Landing] yesterday, so please remove the listing.  My experience with your website was very positive and I would not hesitate to recommend it."

"I have already written to tell you how very pleased we were with our listing to sell our property. We did find the buyer through our listing with you and also had others who responded with interest. You do a great job and we are grateful!"

"The sign and the ad worked...the property [in Saranac Lake] sold!  Would like to return your sign . . .   Thanks!"

"Thanks so much for your service, it has been great for us. My wife and I sold both properties we listed on your site recently . . . We also recently listed another property with you and plan to do more in the future. Thanks again."

"Your website is just fabulous! So easy to use! I just listed our home for sale with 12 photos and I can't wait for the buyer! Thanks so much!"

"Hi, my property [in St. Regis Falls] sold for the list price in record time, actually the closing was about five months after I listed it, that in our "depressed" market in upstate NY, Thank You. I recommend you highly."

"When I sold my house on ADK By Owner this fall, I had over 80 inquiries, and I accepted an offer at the end of the first week. I am a walking billboard for you!! Thanks very much."

"We used your site and have now sold our home [in Star Lake]...We were very pleased with the adkbyowner service and our resultant inquiries and sale. Thank you."

"This is the way to sell Adirondack property. The website is very easy to use, making it simple to edit descriptions and photos to keep it "fresh and focused". I found that I could tailor the listing on-the-fly based on inquiries, thereby ensuring it was focused on the needs of the target audience. And the audience was much broader than i had envisioned - averaging eleven hits per day and totaling some four thousand hits overall for the listing period. I had a purchase offer within eight months of listing [my building lot in Indian Lake], a closing with eleven months, and saved thousands in the process."

"Hi, I want to let you know that I sold my house [in St. Regis Falls] after listing it with you after only five months and I was able to relocate to California as I had planned before October. Thank you for your service."

"This is the third time in 5 years I sold a house using your service. I always change the listing to say 'sold' but leave it up to give you guys 'advertising' for anyone else thinking of listing with your website and wondering if they will be able to sell their house. Thanks."

"As a valued customer this site sold my residence [in Bakers Mills] in 5 weeks and I had lots of positive remarks from prospective buyers. Thanks for all your help in selling my residence."

"We sold our log cabin last summer using AdkByOwner. It all worked well and we were really pleased. We got lots and lots of inquiries. We will show our house (the new listing) on Saturday - already!"

"I am sending you my thanks...I listed my Saranac Lake home on Adirondack By Owner a few weeks ago, and accepted an offer on it last week!...I've had over 30 responses to the listing and they are still coming in. (I respond to each one.) I will keep it listed until the deal closes. And I am telling everyone I know that the ease of doing the listing, and the incredible response, make this a "why us a realtor?" proposition."

"We will have a closing on our listing in a few days. All of the inquiries on the house came as a result of the ad in ADK By Owner. We did use a RE broker in Lake Placid for 5 months but he never brought any prospective buyer to the property. Thank you."

"This site far exceeded our expectations. My brother recommended it after successfully selling his camp. We had our camp [in Remsen] listed with realtors for three summers, with no luck. We listed it with ADK by Owner and sold it between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Our realtor didn't even want to list it at that time of year. Thanks for providing an outstanding, exceptionally (reasonably) price service."

"We have closed on our property [in Remsen]. Our experience with your service exceeded our expectations. A relative also had the same to say, after successfully selling his property. Keep up the great work. We would not hesitate to refer others to the site."

"The house is sold, it closes tomorrow, your site is great!"

"Good Morning. I have a listing on your web site in Old Forge that I would like removed because I have sold the property. I sold my property thru this listing, I am very happy with the results and I would highly recommend this site."

"Hello. This is a quick note to let you know that the house I had listed with ADKBO [in Owls Head] sold in early September. Thanks very much for your services. I averaged about 35 hits per day and the house in about 3.5 weeks!"

"Hi folks. Regarding our listing in Schroon Lake. The property is pending now. It was well worth the money."

"My experience was remarkable. After only two weeks listed, we were under contract [for our property in Gabriels]. My suggestion to anyone wishing to sell, is give Adk By Owner a try first, before paying out thousand to a real estate agent. Make your property presentable and list the price right. Thanks again."

"The sale [of our property in Pleasant Lake] was due to a lead from ADK By Owner. All together we had approximately two dozen very interested inquiries."

"My home [in Tupper Lake] has been sold. We closed July 1st. Thank you for the help. It is a tough market right now and without Adirondack By Owner we would not have sold our property. With over 10,000 hits we finally were able to close on a deal."

"Hello; Yes, you may remove my ad from your listings. Just wanted to say what a great service, property [in Stony Creek] I thought would take forever to sell, sold in 20 days, and had many more who were interested, the ad was worth every penny, Thanks."

"We are thrilled to let you know that we sold our property [in Saranac] in May. Thanks for keeping in touch, and we have recommended your site to numerous people interested in selling their home on their own. Your site was helpful, informative, and directed to the exact people we were looking for."

"This August I sold my house listed with you in Colton. This is the second house I have been able to sell with your service. I left my listing active to show what your website has sold. Thanks again for your service."

"I sold my property and the people found it through your site. Thank you and I would recommend you to anyone selling their home!"

"I have sold my home in Lake Placid, NY. It was a pleasure to deal with you and thank you for all of the help you have provided so I could have a successful outcome."

"Thank you for the great service and fast replies. Our neighbor is excited to be using your site also."

"We want to thank you for your outstanding site. We have had many many hits on your site and our buyer found us there!!!! YEAH!!!! We would recommend your service to anyone. Thank you!!!!"

"Your site has generated more interest and bonafide customers than I have ever seen before."

"You know what? I listed my house in Wilmington on a Sunday, and on Monday I received 2 emails inquiring about my house for sale, and I ended up selling my house to the very first people I received an email from. It all happened very smoothly and quickly, and pretty much, 'just like that.' I just thought I'd let you know and say Thanks."

"I sold the property in Warrensburg last month using ADK BY OWNER. Nice job!"

"Closing complete -- thanks to ADK By Owner."

"Happily, I have sold my trailer in Onchiota. Thank you, ADK by owner!"

"Your service is superb. I have enjoyed every aspect of doing business with your company."

"You provide a wonderful service and I wish you provided this service for other parts of our country."

"I appreciate the service of your excellent website. I have sold 2 separate parcels of property and continue to have great success in renting my properties on Seventh Lake, Inlet, NY. Take care and continued success."

"The Forestport property sale is a done deal so you can remove it. I am very satisfied with the listing and I have and will continue to recommend your site to anyone that asks. Thank you!"

"Our house in Saranac Lake has sold. The closing is today. Please remove our listing from your website. We received most of the approximately 30 inquiries over the past 16 months from your sign posted at the site. About 5-7 inquiries came directly from the website. This type of advertising worked well for us and obviously saved a lot of money. Fortunately, we were in no rush. Thanks for your help and good luck in the business."

"My property has been sold! Please remove the listing from the properties for sale. Thank you very much for such a wonderful way to sell property. I am a very happy former cabin owner."

"My property listing for sale [in the Tupper Lake Region] has been sold thanks to my listing on your site. We had the closing yesterday."

"I think your service and website are fantastic. I have to deal with a number of websites in my business and yours is very well put together. Keep up the good work."

"We are happy to report that our property sold in just three weeks for the asking price. Arriving at the closing date was a real chore as the mortgage process is very slow these days. Please list the property as "sold" and add us to your list of satisfied customers. Thanks!"

"Morning. Well...I sold my house thanks to you guys...Yeah!"

"Just a comment to express appreciation for your excellent service and support over recent months. We couldn't be happier with the leads that your site generated for us [for the two homes we sold in Schroon Lake]. It has been our pleasure to recommend you to other sellers and buyers in the area."

"Greetings: I love your new format! I've listed four properties with you over the last two years and I just sold one last week from your website. Keep up the good work."

"This may be a record but the site went up Oct 21st and we started communication with someone on the 23rd.  Yesterday we signed a contract." 

"Greetings.  We are pleased to tell you that our house [in Barneveld, Herkimer County] has been sold. The buyers contacted us because our listing on your web site. We were very pleased with the inquiries we got from all over the US and several different countries.  Thank you for your service. We will happy to highly recommend your program".

"Hello ADK, I have sold my camp listed on within the Great Sacandaga area. This was and is an unreal site. The traffic you created was� overwhelming. Although I kept the listing live (waiting for the closing) I sold it within two weeks. If you want to sell your business or need someone to promote it or assist with marketing ideas feel free to contact me.� I�m a raving fan! Thank you very, very much!"

"I had my property in Diamond Point listed with ADK by Owner and had dozens of inquiries and at least 5 good sales opportunities. I sold the property in less than 2 months in a very tough market."

"The Adirondack by Owner website is a great resource for prospective buyers looking for property in the Adirondacks. We have successfully used their site and signage to sell two different properties, a residential property and a commercial property. The service is a great way to reach interested buyers both regionally and out of state, allowing direct interaction to answer questions at your convenience."

"We have had our listing with for approx. the past year. We are under contract with a buyer and are scheduled to close on the house tomorrow morning. Although the buyer was not one that saw our listing on your website, we had numerous contacts via your website, which resulted in many showings and a lot of interested individuals. We would not hesitate to utilize your website in the future should we have another property to sell."

"I have sold two properties listed under Sacandaga region . . . Thank you for the good results."

"We sold two homes using the Adirondack "By Owner" website. One was a waterfront cabin in Saranac Lake and the other was a water rights house in Saranac Inn. We were very pleased with the service and, of course, the results!"

"The camp in Dickinson has sold.  Please remove from your website and THANK YOU for your assistance."

"Our closing was last week . . . You have a great website and I'll use it again if the opportunity should arise. Thanks for everything."

"Our listing, cedar log home in Colton, NY, already went to closing . . . Thanks again for helping us with the sale of our home, we also put the listing with "forsalebyowner,com", but it was your website that sold our home. We received an amazing amount of responses from, more than triple we received from the other guys. If anyone in the Adirondack area is looking to sell, then you guys are the website to make that happen. Thanks again."

"Just wanted to say thank you, our home sold with in 90 days of listing, the response from your website was mind blowing, please delete my ad from your site."

"I've sold my property thanks to your listing and would like it removed so I don't get anymore phone calls. Thanks so much." 

"Because of you we have sold are home. Papers are signed. Thanks for the service. We had lots of calls."

"I sold my home! Thank you for provide a space for this transaction to occur, it was sweet, smooth and intimate. Could you please remove home from your website. Thank you."  

"Our property listing XXXX [in Hadley] is SALE PENDING!!!!!  Listing ZZZZ has SOLD, and you can remove that listing. THANK YOU!  Thank you so much.  Your website is awesome."

"Could you please put 'Sale Pending" on my ad under Sacandaga region, Stratford, "waterfront camp". Your site really works wonders. Thank you."

"Because of this site we have sold are home. Thanks for the service!"

"This is to let you know that I have sold the property in Higgins Bay and need to remove it from the listing. I received a tremendous response from the listing. Thank you."

"Please take listing off from ADK by Owner - we close on Monday.  Yeah!! Thanks for your work - we were under contract in 2 1/2 weeks. "

"We have sold our property in Blue Mtn Lake. Please remove the ad. Thank you for your help, you site is an excellent way to sell and advertise a property."

"Thanks again for your service.  We obtained three potential buyers through your listing and saved a considerable amount of money by listing with you."

"Yes, [our buyer] it was found us thru your web site. We actually received 20-25 inquiries in about the first 4-5 weeks. We've already referred your site to a few friends of ours -- we have 3 different friends who are putting their property on the market. Hopefully, they will list with you!! Thank you very much!!!"

"Hello. Please cancel my ad for my [Whiteface Lodge] listing as it sold yesterday. It took less than 3 months to go under contract using only your website. Best money I ever spent. Thank you!!"

"Thanks...sent it (renewal payment) out do great work!"

"You run a fine website. We are all lucky to have you, buyers and sellers, renters and landlords, alike."

"I'm writing to end my ad, 4 season camp in Stratford, N.Y. I had you put sale pending on it, and it is now sold. Thank you, and you'll be hearing from me as soon as I can locate another property."

"Thank you so much...your website helped immensely! I had the house [in Jay] on for only 3 weeks before I got an offer."

"Please remove our property (117 acres) from your listing. It has been sold.  Thank you, and I will use your service again as I found it to be very effective."

"We are closing on the property listed on your site on March 1st. The buyer found us on "Adirondack by Owner" We were very pleased with your service."

"Thanks again for hosting this listing and providing your excellent site. As I think I've already mentioned, I'll recommend it to others, and will use it to look for property to buy."

"This is to let you know that my property in Essex has been sold and that I'd like to end the listing. This is the third property I have sold through Adirondack by Owner, so I'm a really, really, really satisfied customer!"

"Hi folks: The house that I have listed on Adirondack By Owner [in Essex] has been sold. Please take it off the web site. Thank you for providing a fantastic site. We received a HUGE number of inquiries from the site, including several which produced offers. Now I'll use the site to look for a possible purchase, and I'll certainly recommend it to prospective sellers. Thank you."

"Hello. We closed today on the Willsboro Farmhouse. Please remove our ad at your earliest convenience. Thanks for the terrific response."

"Thank you for your services. We had a great experience with Adirondack BY Owner. We have the house under contract to sell! Therefore we will not need to renew our ad for the following year."

"Closing is completed--money is in the bank.  Thanks for a great service."

"Please be advised that this property [in West Chazy] has been sold and the listing should be removed. It was sold sight unseen to a Florida buyer through Adirondack by Owner."

"Please cancel our listing. The property was sold to a gentleman who saw it first on your website. Thank you!!"

"I have sold my house [in Ray Brook] that I have listed with.  The service worked great.  This is the second time I have sold using your website."

"We have sold our land as a result of the ad on your web site. Please delete our listing for land in the Town of Ohio Herkimer Cty. Thank you."

"We are happy to report that our property listing [in North River] has been sold and closed on. Thank you for this wonderful website. We would absolutely make use of it in the future. Thanks again."

"Thanks very much. I am hoping to draw on the snowmobiling crowd. By the way, I sold a property in Fulton County last year using you website and had a tremendous response. Hope I do as well this time."

"Please cancel our listing. The property has sold and we were thrilled with the results of your website."

"Just sold my property through Adk. by owner, and it only took 6 months. It was easy, painless, and extremely affordable. I received SO many hits I could barely keep up with the correspondence, while listing it with a realtor brought me NONE at all. The exposure I received was nationwide, the website is easy to use, and the results were incredible."

"Want to let you know that I sold my home [in Hague] this past week, to a couple who saw it on your site. It took a long time for them to buy (one and a half years) but they finally came through. Thank you for your help. You may remove the listing at this time."

"Would you please cancel out listing in St Regis Falls. We believe we have this house sold. We will recommend your site to anyone selling their property."

"We didn't sell this time thru your website, but 2 out 0f 3 isn't bad. I am sure we will advertise again with you in the future. Thank you."

"I have my property listed with 3 real estate agencies and have not gotten 1 hit on their sites but with Adirondack By Owner I have gotten about 50 hits. When I say hits, I do mean inquiries. I have had inquiries from all over the USA. Texas, Long Island, Manhattan, Conn., Vermont, Virginia, Albany, PA., and many others. This is a great service that you provide and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you again for your help!!"

"I have my house listed on your web site. I have sold the house and would like to have the listing removed from your site. I was very happy with the site and had much success. If you need further information please contact me. I will use your site again in the future. Thank you."

"Please take this listing off your site. I have sold the property. I thank you for your assistance in this matter. I would gladly recommend this site to anyone that wishes to list with you."

"We have gotten many leads from our listing with you. We have decided to take the house off the market for now, but will be putting it back on the market again later in the year with you. Your service is great and we look forward to doing business with you again."

"I just wanted to let you know that we have a contract on our house in Schroon Lake and are waiting for a closing. We continue to receive calls and emails, and are making a call back list in the event the sale does not go through. I think we could have sold it 5 times over at this point - it must be the time of year."

"Dear Adk. By Owner: Thank you for your website we sold our house in only two months with you we had our closing yesterday 2/10. We are so pleased with the results from your site that I will pass on to everyone how wonderful your site is. You can take our listing off because we keep getting calls on it and it is owned by someone else now. Thank you again and we will be using you again in the future. Best of luck!"

"Well, it is official my house has sold. Your site was great, I got numerous contacts, and all were excellent people. Thank you for your services."

"Please removed my ad number for 90 acres in Fulton County (Other region) as it has been sold.  Thank you for your service.  I had a great response and an offer was made quickly." 

"This is to inform you that our property on Oseetah Lake has been sold. We are pleased to inform you that we received an acceptable offer on the property within two weeks of it being listed. We wish to thank you for making it possible to list our property on your website and want you to know that all transactions went very smoothly. The new owners were also very happy with how easily the entire transaction was accomplished."

"Please remove my listing in Caroga Lake. I had the closing yesterday, and must let you know that the actual sale date was within one week of putting the listing on your website. I also have had and continue to receive inquiries daily, and must have had around 50+ people interested. Great website! Thanks very much for your very professional help."

"This email is being sent to inform you that our listing has been SOLD and you may remove it from your web site. We would like to thank Adirondack 'By Owner' for the opportunity to list with you. The response to our listing has been so much better than with a real estate agency and we found a buyer and saved thousands. We greatly appreciate all your help and we will highly recommend your site to other prospective sellers." 

"Hello. We recently listed our property [in Warrensburg] for sale with your website. We couldn't be more pleased. We sold. Our buyer contacted us within the first two weeks of listing. Within the first 6 weeks we had our check in hand. What a website!!"

"Once again, Adirondack by Owner listing helped us sell a second home. We closed on our above listing today. Thank you, and please cancel our listing, as soon as possible. We hope to advertise with you again in the near future."

"Hi, the house I had listed on your website has just been sold! Thank you for all your help."

"Our exposure was good on your website. But we actually sold the house to people who drove by our house and saw the for sale by owner sign. But I would recommend this sight to anyone who wants to sell their house. Thanks again."

"We are currently under contract and setting up a closing date in a couple of weeks. Please remove our property listing [in Moriah]. We do want to say what a tremendous site you have set up and the response and character of those people that responded to our ad were quite remarkable and made this a wonderful experience. We not only have sold our family camp in just 6 weeks, but have made some fantastic new friends. Thank you again."

"We were very satisfied with our listing. We listed in mid-May and the property was sold by mid-August. Out of 5000+ hits to our ad, we had over a hundred serious inquiries. We indeed ended up with a choice of twenty buyers! Thank you so much."

"You are authorized to take the listing off the site. I closed on the sale of the property [in Jay] yesterday and you will be happy to know it was your site that made the sale happen. Can't thank you enough for your site and not having to pay a realtor fee makes it that much sweeter."

"We have been VERY pleased with the results and have sold two of the eight parcels of land in my father's estate."

"We wish to cancel our listing with you as we have sold our home/camp on Goodnow Flow. Actually we've had a sale pending for a while, but wanted to make sure before we cancelled. I want to say this probably wouldn't have happened so soon if we hadn't listed with you folks. I would recommend you highly. Again, THANKS."

"Our house that is on under Lake Pleasant has sold. Thank you so much for the site. Last year we had a realtor to sell it. It fell through so we decided to go it ourselves. We then found you and it was great. Thanks again."

"We are in contract and have our closing by the end of next week. Please remove our listing. I am amazed at the amount of people that have contacted me from several different states and countries just by looking up your site. It is true that your do reach out to many different areas. Keep up the good work Adirondack for sale by owner. Your doing an awesome job. I thank you for working with me and helping me to maintain my list. And I want you to know that I found the perfect buyer for the area who will love the property as much as I do and will do nothing but improve as I couldn't do. Thanks again and please keep up the good work."

"Thanks to you we have successfully sold our property in Putnam Station, NY.......if I had to do it again, I would definitely use your site a second time."

"I'm an owner with the units at Cresthaven in Lake George. May I place a "blurb" on your website about your site? I think you are doing a magnificent job. We've rented several weeks and have sold 1 of the 2 weeks that we have for sale via your site. We've gotten a lot of action from your site because it is so well marketed for our region. Thanks for all that you do. It has helped us tremendously!"

"We did not advertise our land anywhere else, but on Adirondack By Owner. We received many many calls and emails and sold all 5 lots [in Bloomingdale] within a year.  Thank you very much for this service that you provide." 

"Please take our house [in Crown Point} off of your website -- we have decided to keep it for now.  When we do sell, we will definitely use your site again.  Great response, great service. Thanks very much."

"We are glad to inform you that our house has been sold. Please revise your site to reflect this sale. Our listing on your site was very effective in the sale of our property and want to congratulate you for maintaining this service for owners who wish to avoid the cost of selling through a real estate firm."

"The last of the 4 lots just closed, so we will let the ad expire. Your service worked wonderfully and I have recommended it to many others. Thanks and we will see you next time!"

"We have sold our stone farmhouse [in Peru].  Our closing was yesterday, signed, sealed and delivered.  Go ahead and remove our listing.  Thanks.  It worked wonderfully!"

"Our Black Brook property on Fern Lake is sold and you may remove from your site. Thanks again. Your service has been great and I have forwarded two people to your site and both have listed with great response. So once again many thanks for all our success."

"Your site has done me very good over the years, I have sold almost every cabin and every piece of land  I was trying too sell from this site. I have reached people from Massachusetts to New Jersey, and downstate New York, and I am very happy with this site.  Keep up the good work."

"Please be advised that our property listing on your site has sold and closed upon. We could not be more satisfied with your service and the reasonable approach to real estate interactions you provide. We have actually made some 'telephonic-cyber friends' via Adirondack By Owner. Unfortunately, we could not sell to all of them. Please accept this authorization to remove our listing from your website.  Thank you."

"We recently sold our property [in Keene] thanks to your service.  Please remove our listing at your earliest convenience."

"I would like to send this letter to you because we had two real estate agents in the last year.  We have gotten more calls and emails with you than we did in the whole last year. I would recommend you guys to everyone trying to sell their house. We have only been with you for about six weeks and we are very happy with the response."

"I had such incredibly good luck with your web site last year,  first renting my camp in Crown Point,  and then selling it.....for $58,000 more than the realtor said I could get for it!  I tell everyone over in N.Y. about you.  We are building a home there and so need to  rent our Vermont home.  If I do half as well as I did with the camp I will be very happy."

"Thank you for your great work and talent.  The site looks better than great.  Your site is an asset to the real estate business. I only wish I thought of it.  Thank you with all my heart!"

"My house had been sold.  Your service has been outstanding!  Please remove the listing as closing has been completed. Once again, thanks."

"Please remove our condo from the website as it is sold.  We are very pleased with your service, in fact we had an offer two weeks after we listed with you.  We kept the condo listed until we went to closing which finally took place 3/29/05 due to legal delays certainly not attributed to your website.  We have recommended, and will continue to recommend, your website not only for real estate sales but for rentals also."

"Thank you for your great service.  We have had many responses to our ad.  It is definitely the best advertising value we have used to market our property."

"Our home on Augur Lake has sold - Please remove the listing from the real estate section. Our thanks for your good service."

"Thanks to your fine site we have sold 3 of the 4 lots [in Bleecker, the Southern Adirondacks]."

"If I have not sufficiently expressed my gratitude and most pleasant experience with you yet [regarding the sale of my cottage], let me do so now . . . I was amazed, truly amazed, at how well visited your site was.  I had over 125 inquiries by phone or email.  Thank you again!"

"Hello.  I have sold my sold my property that I had listed on your site. Could you please remove the ad. Thanks again; you provided great exposure. I would highly recommend your site to others."

"I have good news.  I am in the process of selling my property so you can take my listing off your website.  I want you to know that you are very unusually nice to work with.  I have and will continue to send people to you.  I appreciate all of your efforts."

"Please remove my listing, the house is sold. Thanks for the great service, I will definitely recommend your site to others. I received good response on my ad."

"Greetings!  I am writing on behalf of my parents to ask that you remove the listing for their property in Northville from your website.  They have successfully found a buyer and closed on the property this past Friday.  Thank you for your assistance."

"Dear Adkbyowner:  I am so pleased with the results from my ads.  Both accomplished what I wanted to do.  The rental ad allowed me to rent my camp for all the weeks I hoped to and then I was able to sell it with my second ad.  I cannot believe how effective your website is and how many people click on to it.  My letter is twofold, first to cancel both ads as they are no longer needed, and second I would like to advertise my home in Middlebury, Vermont in the spring although I know it is 20 miles from the Adirondacks. Thank you and thank you!"

"Just wanted to let you know that you can remove my listing for the "Cabin Style Home" in Wells, NY.  I am thrilled to say that that property is SOLD!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to list my property on your site.  In addition to saving $5000 in realtor fees, I got to control the process of the sale rather than being bogged down running everything through a realtor. Your site is an invaluable tool for buying and selling real estate in this area!  I am telling everyone I know about it!"

"We were very, very pleased with  This site generated quality leads that lead to a smooth sale.  Thanks you very much."

"Dear Adirondack By Owner:  I am writing to you to notify you that you may remove our listing from your website (listed in the "other regions" section) as we just closed on the property yesterday. I would also like to let you know how amazing your website is. Prior to listing it on Adirondack By Owner, we had it listed with a real estate broker for 6 months without any results or offers. Within a couple days of listing on Adirondack By Owner we received several emails and phone calls from serious buyers and had a solid purchase offer within 6 days. I would also like to comment that this camp could have easily been sold to at least 4 other people that saw it on your website and were awaiting the results of the closing. I would surely recommend your website to anyone listing property in the Adirondack region. I have to admit, when I first listed it on your website I was skeptical as I wasn't sure of what the results would be, however we were so overwhelmed with prospective buyers it was incredible. Thank you once again.  A Very Satisfied Customer"

"Please remove our ad on your website.  We have sold our house in Lake Placid.  We were very happy with the results we had by listing with you." 

"The listing looks great.  Also, just to let you know when the listing went up on Wednesday we got a response already (by Thursday at noon).  I'm pretty happy with that! Wish us luck!"

"Please remove our listing as soon as you can as we are closing on the cabin today. We received a tremendous response from this listing, and are very  pleased with your service. In fact we sold it to the first couple who contacted us within hours of your posting it. Of course, having a reasonable price also did help us to sell so quickly. Thank you very much! We are pleased with your service and will certainly recommend it."

"We are all set to have our listing [for our house in Saranac Lake] removed from your site.  The closing was Wednesday of last week.  The buyer did locate our home via Adk By Owner.  Thank you!!"

"Please remove our listing in Wevertown from your website.  We transferred the property to the new owner this morning as a result of your website.  We'll be putting another house on the market soon and we'll be back!"

"Our web ad generated a bit of interest and we will continue to use it.  I do highly recommend it and have to a good number of people with property to sell.  Adkbyowner is no doubt the best way to sell a property and by far the most intelligent way.  Thank you for one great site for everyone the seller and buyers, we both win.  The seller saves money and the buyer does too! Awesome!"

"We went to closing on our property in Tupper Lake.  Thanks so much for your service that proved to be wonderfully effective."

"Please remove our listing.  We were very impressed with your site and the number of inquiries we received.  We would definitely use your site again."

"This is to let you know that I have sold my home [in Mooers Forks].  Please remove the listing. Thank you for your wonderful website. The response was overwhelming."

"I have sold my property and I would like you to remove my ad from Adirondack By Owner. Thank you for all your help over the 2 years I had my home listed with you. I had more calls associated with your site than any of the others I used."

"Good news, I sold my property in Lake Placid via your web site. Could you kindly remove the ad?  Again, I only advertised through you guys with great results.  THANKS!!!"

"Please mark our property [in Hadley] to read as SOLD.  I closed on the sale last Friday.  Thank you for your assistance in this sale.  Another happy customer."

"We had our cabin in Speculator with a real estate agent for six months and did not get one offer.  I came upon your site and decided that I would list it.  Within a couple of days, I got quite a few calls, made arrangements to show it, and I had two buyers in my living room within an hour at full price. I have subsequently put people on a waiting list if the deal did not go through, but luckily everything went smoothly, and we closed today!  I told these people if they decide to sell, they should list it with you.  We had over 2,000 visitors to our listing page within five weeks.  Thanks and please remove the listing."

"We have a scheduled closing for our listing with you -- a tentative date of May 15, 2004.  We will advise as soon as closing takes place.  The exposure with you was wonderful!  Thank you."

"Please remove our listing from the web site as we closed on the property on 4/27/04.  The response was tremendous and I can't thank you enough. We received a full price offer site unseen.  Thanks again."

"Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how successful I have been with my listing that was placed on your website in March.  Within the first week I received three serious telephone calls.  The first couple who looked at my property put in an offer very close to my asking price which I accepted.  They are now in the process of obtaining a mortgage and if all goes well we should close by the middle of May. Since we haven't closed yet, I am still keeping the listing on line. I have four other people who want me to call if, for any reason, the first deal doesn't work out. In addition to saving thousands of dollars in realtors fees, I was lucky enough to get an offer early on which saves me the hassle of a three hour drive to show the property. I own another property in the Adirondacks and if for any reason I ever wanted to sell it I would be certain to utilize Adirondack "By Owner" in a heartbeat . . . it has been a WONDERFUL experience."

"Our house on your site is sold.  Please remove the listing.  Your site was a great success for us.  Thanks for all your help."

"Our house is currently under contract.  I have been so pleased with the response that was received from our listing on Adirondack "By Owner."  I had 25 responses in the first month or so, and at least 8 of these were people who had a sincere interest and could be in a position to purchase. I was offered the full price for my home and decided to accept the offer.  The offer was from a couple who, I believe, are ideally suited to the home.  Thank you for a great website!"

"Please be advised that our listing in Elizabethtown has been sold.  I would like to thank you for your services and will not hesitate in recommending your site to others."

"I just wanted to let you know that we have closed on the sale of our home in Lewis.  Please remove the add from the internet.  Your service worked wonderfully for us and the end result is evident.  Thank you so much."

"Our property in Colton, New York has sold as a result of our listing on your website. Please remove our listing.  Many thanks for your good service."

"Please remove my listing for our home in Gouverneur from your website.  The house has sold thanks to your site."

"To whom it may concern, this is to advise you that our above listing with Adirondack "By Owner" was sold on March 2, 2004.  Since listing our property with Adirondack "By Owner" in July 2003, we have received many inquiries via phone and e-mail.  We were very pleased with your website, especially because of the exposure of our property outside of the immediate area that we are located in.  Your fee of $150 for one year, literally saved us thousands of dollars in real estate commission. At this time, please remove our listing and should we in the future decide to sell other real estate, we would definitely utilize your web site again."

"Would you please remove our listing from your site.  I can't say enough about how wonderful your site is.  We must have had at least 50 responses and sold to the second people who looked at it.  We closed this past Friday." 

"Hello.  Having received an offer I would like to remove my ad from your website.  Thanks.  Your website seemed to be way more effective than my real estate agent!"

"I have just sold my property and would like to thank you ever so much for your service and professionalism. Cheers!"

"Could you please remove listing -- the property has now been sold. Thanks for your website!  The property had previously been listed with a real estate agent for a year and there were no inquires, and with your site there were many inquiries and it sold within a few months."

"Please remove my listing for our mountain retreat in Hadley, NY. Although our process took a bit of time, it was actually the first people that came to look at the house (within the first month, I might add) that purchased the house.  Thanks so much for your very effective web site!"

"Your website really works.  We had two serious inquiries [regarding the sale of our motel in Saranac Lake] as late as two days before we closed.  For your information we had no less than ten offers during the time that we were listed.  Some were serious and others lacked substance.  In the end we had two, almost identical offers within two days of each other.  One of those offers ultimately was the deal that was acceptable to us and the buyers.  Thank you for the service that you provide to property owners who want to sell their property in the absence of a broker or agent."

"We had a closing on our Queensbury property.  It was only advertised for two months on your site before we had an offer!"

"Hello. I have just closed on the sale of 180 acres for the full asking price.  I could have sold the property to numerous buyers due to the amount of activity on your website.  If you have a property where your typical real estate "comps" are not helping you or you would like to have your property viewed by a captive, interested audience I highly recommend this site.  I had almost 4,000 viewers in 6 months."  

"Please be advised that two of our listings with you have sales pending with potential buyers. We haven't finalized contracts but are the process of doing so.  I am still getting requests for info on both of them. How do you indicate on the web site that sales are pending on them? Your website has been very productive.    One buyer came from the website.  The other buyer lived close to sale area and saw your sign. Still working on the third listing."  

"We completed the transaction today and wish to discontinue the ad. Our experience with your organization has been positive as I found you to be quick to respond, competent and pleasant in interaction. Feel free to use my comments as an endorsements and my thanks for a well-rendered service."

"It only generated one call to us, but we sold our house in Queensbury and got almost full price and saved $19,000 in commissions.  Thank you!"

"Hi, I'm writing to let you know that we have sold the campground.  Your site did the trick, we had and are still getting hits on the site.  Thanks for a great job, we recommend your site to all our friends that are interested in selling their property.  Thanks again!"

"We have had our home in Brant Lake listed on your website for about six months.  We have sold it -- thanks to your website and would like you to delete it on Saturday.  We expect to close on our property the 20th and if all goes through, we no longer need to list it.  Thanks for your assistance.  This is a wonderful service!"

"My house sold in less than three weeks after being listed with Adirondack "By Owner"!"

"We have sold the property on Star Lake. Please remove from your listings. This was a great way to sell this property. Thanks."

"Our closing is done.  I can't say enough about your site.  We have told all of our friends.  Thanks again!"

"Thanks for a great job in presenting our property on the internet. We are pleased with your service and the promptness of it's appearance on line. We have received inquiries already, just two days after added to you website."

"We were very pleased with your service. We spent quite a bit of money advertising in several newspapers in and out of state as well as other periodicals, however most of the responses we got were from Adirondack By Owner which ended up with the sale of our property in less than five months. Thanks for the good service."

"It only took about 9 months to sell my cabin using only your website to advertise. I had about a half dozen lookers, and the next couple offered me the full listing price immediately! I decided to be my own agent with this sale. Your superb rates for an annual listing -- and no requirements to include as any go between agent -- makes this arrangement a no brainer! It saves thousands on non-essential realtor fees!  It has been a delightful to have been a subscriber to your outstanding website listing services."

"Our property is now sold.  Thank you for your wonderful website that allowed us to list our property and have an acceptable offer within a week of it being placed there.  We also had approximately 20-25 other interested parties  that saw the listing on Adirondack by Owner.  Please remove it from your site and thanks again for your help."

"We have a property listed at your site.  I wanted to let you know that we have sold the property.  Your site worked wonderfully.  Please let me know if you need any details; feel free to use us a reference!  Thanks again."

"My buyer was a direct result of your website. I also received several inquiries from out-of-state individuals who saw the ad on your site. Your fee was well worth it."

"I am having great success with your site.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!"

"Please remove our ad from -- we have sold our home on January 13, 2003 thanks to your service."

"This is an unsolicited testimonial relative to Adirondack "By Owner." I have recently sold acreage and buildings located in the central Adirondacks solely through the help, efforts and professionalism of Adirondack "By Owner" and its principals. Their assistance and helpful hints created a very professional, easy to get to, and easy to read site which helped tremendously in attracting my out of state buyer. I highly recommend their services to all sellers of real property in their market area. THANKS ADIRONDACK "BY OWNER"! GOOD JOB!"

"When we relocated from Lake Placid to Baltimore, we decided to try Adirondack "By Owner" for the sale of our home in Lake Placid.  This may sound difficult to believe, but we sold our home the first weekend it was listed on your website.  Your service, which cost only $150, saved us $12,000 in real estate commissions.  Wow!"

"This is to let you know that we have sold our farm.  The closing was 8/16. We have nothing but praise for your website. All those who have inquired about our place have also complemented your site.  Thanks again!"

"We finally closed on the property today, 1 day shy of 7 months!!! Please remove my ad from the web site.  The responses have been incredible." 

"We have a listing on  We are closing on our house in just a few days, so we would like you to remove it from your website.  Thank you for a great opportunity to get our house sold quickly and easily without going through a realtor." 

"We have accepted an offer on our cabin.  Your service is wonderful, we have had a lot of activity.  Sold it to the first person to see it!"

"I just closed on my house sale (Ticonderoga). Please advertise it as sold or remove from your listing. My buyer did contact me as a result of seeing my ad on your website. Thank you for your service."

"I have gotten several responses to my listing in first two months on your website, mostly via email.  A potential buyer was here yesterday. He looks fairly promising. He took some additional photos and wants to come back next week. Also someone else is coming up next week from Long Island. I have also gotten several other inquires. Here's hoping!"

"We are writing to say thank you for your help in selling our waterfront home.  As a result of your professional website, we advertised exclusively with you and the results were up to our expectations. We strongly recommend your service to others and perhaps we may use you again in the near future."

"Your web site has been terrific. I listed my property at the end of Sept., and received a verbal purchase offer at the end of January. Two months later we closed.  There have been approx. 5400 inquiries on the listing. I have a "waiting list" of people who were waiting to see if the deal fell through.  Great success with this web site!!!"

"Please indicate "Sale Pending" on our 7.6 acre parcel.  The other 4.9 acre parcel is still available. Thank you for a wonderful service, the response to the ad has been great."

"We placed an ad with you this winter.  We have been more than pleased with the results.  The first person who contacted us is willing to buy.  We have a closing date.  Could you folks put a UNDER CONTRACT sign on our listing?" 

"Thank you for your grand service.  I have shown the property many times and hope to have a sale soon. Cheers!"

"This is to inform you that we have sold our home in Lake George as of August
30.  Please remove our two web pages from your web site.  Thank you for your past assistance.  You have a great website!"

"Please take our camp off  your site, we have closed on the deal. Thank you, your website and service is wonderful."

"I am pleased to let you know that we have officially "closed" on the sale of my mother's Upper Chateaugay Lake home and property.  Without question, advertisement exposure via your website was key to our success.  Moreover, not only were we able secure the sale but, because folks were bidding against each other, my mother netted more than her asking price.  Otherwise stated, our property sold for $11,000.00 more than the posted "asking price" and WITHOUT real estate agent fees!"

"We are the owners of the Paradox Lake cottage listing.  We are happy to inform you that we have sold our property.  We received many, many inquiries from your website and had three serious prospects, the last of which resulted in a sale.  We are very pleased with the success we had using your website and would recommend it to anyone!  Thank you and best wishes for continued success."

"I have an ad with you guys and I thought I would let you know that the first person that called me from Albany came up today, spent the night and gave us a deposit on the property. I just want to thank you and to say have a good day -- because we sure are!"

"The response we had to our listing with Adirondack By Owner on internet and print ad in the North Country Real Estate Guide was enormous. Since May we showed our lakefront cottage almost every weekend to interested potential buyers. After we accepted an offer, we heard from more than 20 different people who wanted us to notify them if the sale would for some reason not go through.  It was a pleasure working with you and we shall recommend your service to people we know."

"We've sold our house, set to close on Sept 29th. In fact, we had just decided not to sell our house after the home we wanted to purchase turned out to have some fatal flaws.  We pulled advertising from everywhere except your web site.  Lo and behold, along comes a couple who not only want to buy our home, but will let us live in it and rent until we can build a new home (we're breaking ground in October).  They saw the web ad. I just wanted to say "Thank you" for your service...the price was the same as we'd been offered with a realtor, and the lack of a realtor fee has made the difference between losing money on this house, and making $5000, even after paying for lots of advertising. We had a reasonable amount of buyer traffic (as much as we'd had with the realtor contract).  With an attorney and the bank helping us with paperwork, I'm not really sure what it is that realtors do to earn that huge commission!  I'm so happy with the way the Adirondack "By Owner" has worked that I'm jumping for joy!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"   

"We are very happy to inform you that we have sold our house at Indian Lake.  We were very pleasantly surprised  at how  quickly we were able to sell our place using your great web site.  Prior to signing up with you in April of this year we had our chalet listed with several real estate brokers in the area for more than three years.  None were able find an acceptable buyer.  Within less than two months of listing with you we had a signed contract.  On June 23rd we closed the deal.  Thanks again for providing excellent service."

"We looked over our listing which you just added to your website last night.  Had an inquiry by phone this morning and people are going to look at the house this weekend.  We never expected such a fast response.  We shall keep you posted on further developments.  Thank you for your help and best regards."

"Your site presented me with the opportunity to bypass the hassle of negotiating with real estate agencies who hassle to lower the price of what I was willing to settle for in my home.  It was apparent they were trying to move houses, rather than represent and work for me in marketing my house.  Tithe amount of people I had respond to my ad on adkbyowner was astounding.  I believe when I sold my house, I had over 10,000 hits taking a look at what I had to offer.  I was busy every weekend I wanted to be showing my home to people from as far as Washington state.  Through the winter, I thought I'd go through a lull in people wanting to see it;  but I was amazed at how many people wanted to see it in its splendor during the winter.  Your service is one of great value to those seeking to do the "one on one" and bypass the huge expense of a realtor.  you can sell your house yourself. This online service proves it.  P.S.   I ended up selling my home to my neighbor,  but I am so impressed with the coverage your site provided me.  Thanks!"

"We were very pleased with your site. It was very helpful in finding the right person to buy our house. We received a lot of e-mail from very nice people. We had the house up for sale with a real estate agency for one year. Just a few months with you and  it is being sold. Thank you again very much."

"The purpose of this note is to inform you that our home has been sold through Adirondack "By Owner."  We received numerous responses and a buyer was found in three months time.  Thank you!"

"I wanted to write and tell you what a terrific asset the Adirondack "By Owner" website services have been in the sale of my lakefront property. The response was overwhelming! I greatly appreciated the professional look of the web page, the ease in locating my listing, the "for sale" sign, and how convenient it was for people to contact me. My buyer also sends thanks!"

"I received your email letting me know my listing is on-line.  Everything is fine.  In fact, I have already received an inquiry that resulted in a showing!!!"

"We are very pleased with the responses we have had from your site and found our buyer from our ad there."

"I have found the service to be responsive, excellent overall and using state of the art technology. I have received inquiries that would not have been possible by "traditional" advertising methods."

"I am very pleased with your service. I am quite sure that our buyer saw our listing on your site since we were first contacted by e-mail. We have had many more inquiries than through other sources. In fact, our current tenant found us through your site and was very disappointed that we had a buyer since he was very interested in buying himself."

"We've been very pleased with the amount of activity your website generates and the number of "hits" we've received on our ad ... Your website is attractive, well organized and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work and wish us luck!"

"This is a great service you provide!  We've noticed also that you do a lot of advertising in the smaller, local Adirondack area newspapers!  Good thinking!  You have a great business!  Thank you."

"Your service is great.  I got several good inquiries and a few visits. Definitely worth the money.  If the occasion arises again, I'll use you for sure."

"Just wanted you to know how pleased we have been with our listing on your website.  We get calls almost every day and have had numerous emails.  We are very close to signing the final contract for the sale of the property and wondered if you could put the words "Sale Pending" on our ad.  Every day we have to tell people that it is basically sold, but I don't want to pull the listing off until the sale is final. We are very satisfied customers."

"We have had terrific exposure for our cabin through your service.  We have had over 38 contacts in 2001.  Four have been serious buyers contacting us prior to Jan. of 2002.  No sales transpired however.  Either they were unable to get financing or discouraged by the leased land.  This year we have had a lot of interest in the cabin also.  The months of February and March have brought five more serious buyers. We have a meeting on Sunday, March 24th to sign the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership.  If for some reason this transfer does not materialize we have a second and third buyer interested.  Thank you again for the service you have provided to us."

 "We have been more than pleased with Adirondack "By Owner."  Our house sold in a week and a half, in the month of January no less, and we've had dozens of very interested parties since then.  The very first people who looked at our home bought it.  We expected to wait a year or so for a sale but were shocked at the immediate response from your website.  We have about 3 or more friends who were so impressed that they are now going to list their homes the same way.  We cannot tell you how happy or what a great savings this was for us.  By not listing with a realtor we saved several thousand dollars.  I'm convinced that by listing on your website, we targeted people who were actually ready to buy and not just browse.   Thank you very much.  We will continue to recommend your site." 

"Thanks again and good luck with your website.  It is the best thing that ever happened to the realty business!"


"I really appreciate how easy it has been, working with ADK By Owner and it has really helped with getting renters. Should I ever find that I need to rent my place out again, I will certainly contact you. I will definitely recommend you should I hear of anyone else who is in need of renting their property."

"I am very grateful for the excellent service you have provided over the past fifteen years of my renting. I was successful with my renting because of your service and help. I regularly recommend you to others who are either looking for a place to rent or want to start renting their own vacation home."

"Having a great booking year so far and very happy with the website and exposure Im getting. Im booking earlier than usual and now have 4 tenants that are returning this summer for the 2nd and 3rd time. So, I do want to thank you all for that!! I think your website design has been much more helpful and welcoming than where I was listed previously." 

"I just retired my rental posting from your site and wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to deal with your organization over the years. We have posted our Lake George cabin on your site and have had full bookings every year. Unfortunately, we sold our property this fall and now will be using your site in a different capacity; as a renter instead of an owner. Of course, I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and neighbors!"

"I am very pleased with your new upgraded website - clean and timely. You guys are by far my most successful renting marketplace."

"After 20 years of renting our property, we have decided to rent no more. I do want to let you know, however, that we have been extremely happy with your website and the ease of keeping our listing current with you. I cannot say the same about your probable chief competitor whose website, vision and direction its business is taking has been extremely disappointing. Thank you for making Adirondack "By Owner" a real pleasure to do business with."

"Payment is on it's way. Thank you as always for all your services. The Website has worked out well through the many years. I appreciate all you and your staff do to keep the site going."

"I am continuing to enjoy Adirondack By Owner and have resisted using some of the other National sites. I think it helps narrow the prospective renters to those that appreciate the Adirondacks. Thanks for your site!"

"My Adirondack "By Owner" renters are usually my favorites."

"I love your company. Seriously it is awesome. Great format, easy to navigate, clean and easy for Owners and guests alike. And it works, great results year in and year out."

"The new listing that we activated in Late November is already Booked up for July and August!"

"Thank you for your great service! It was a pleasure and no hidden fees and expenses!"

"Well, after over a decade of successfully renting our house through Adirondack by Owner, the house has been sold. I was just going to let the listing expire and have not updated the Calendar for 2018, but I am already getting some emails. So I think it's best to have the listing removed."

"If we sell to new owners who want to rent the property we'll give your service a very strong recommendation - ADK by owner has been a highly successful partner for us in the 14 years we've owned the second home in upstate NY!"

"By the way, I just wanted to let you know that  . . .  all but one of my bookings this summer have come through AdkByOwner. On top of that, the other companies interface is insanely complicated, impersonal, and difficult to use. It's making me nuts. I much prefer being able to contact guest directly, not to mention dealing with paper rental agreements and actual checks. Just thought I'd let you know that you guys are awesome! :)"

"We want to thank you for the many years of service you provided for us. At this time we decided not to rent and enjoy our home. We know in the future we can always come back. Again thank you."

"I use a lot of rental websites and yours is the best!"

"I have been very fortunate with renters using AdkByOwner and I plan to continue using your service for many years to come."

"Just a quick note to say thank you - ADK by Owner has been awesome since we first signed up last April in order to rent our property. I want to say thank you for even existing, as crazy as that sounds. I really don't just anyone to be in this house, I want it to be someone who loves the Adirondacks as much as my family and I do."

"We have loved listing with you and the results have been fantastic. Sadly we are in the process of selling the family property, closing is at the end of November. Again, thank you for all you've done for us over the years. You helped make it possible for us to stay here by helping us get such great rentals."

"We have been with ADK by Owner for many years and have been very happy with the site and your service."

"We really love your site! We are nearly fully rented and expect to get those last few weeks in August & Sept! Thanks for hosting it."

"It is a real pleasure doing business with you. Your site is so much better, cleaner, easier, and more productive than any of the others."

"My renewal check is on its way. I want to thank you for the great website and work that you do, it is the only way that I advertise my cabin and the people that respond want to be in the Adirondacks and know what it is all about."

"Please know I would recommend your services to anyone, it works!"

"Thank you for your valuable service. Listing with AdkByOwner turned out to be the best way to rent our property. We have sold our camp but we thank you for your service over the years."

"The website has been amazing and has allowed us to rent our home out multiple times since creating a listing with you."

"I want you to know that of all the sites we have explored and tried to use, ADK By Owner IS by far the BEST!! I put our renewal check in the mail today."

"I am selling the property soon (it's under contract) so I am not renewing the listing. Your website has been terrific, and I continue to be a customer with our rental."

"Thank you for the great service you provide. The quality of people that come from your site is appreciated."

"Enclosed is the renewal fee. This site has been great. Thank you!"

"I am sending you a check for the renewal of our listing on Adirondack By Owner. We have been very happy with the service you have provided and find that people who stay at The Sawyer's Cottage have most often found us through your website and are very pleased with the information provided. Thank you again for your very valuable service."

"Thanks for your quick response to our question. P.S. We wish we listed our camp 3 years ago, we have had great interest and are just amazed at the number of bookings we have!"

"It is with great reluctance that my husband and I have decided not to renew our listing for the coming summer. As you know from my messages to you I really appreciate your site and particularly your responsiveness. It is so different from dealing with other sites such as flipkey and VRBO with whom we've dealt with. But this will be our last summer of renting. Warm regards."

"Thank you so much for being so responsive! It is quite remarkable considering how Adkbyowner has grown! I sometimes also list with [a national competitor] and I can't tell you how frustrating, impersonal, incompetent etc the experience is. I am a huge fan of Adirondack by Owner. Congratulations to you."

"I have it rented all but 3 weeks and the big push hasn’t started yet! Very happy with ADKbyowner!"

"We sold our cabin this fall, therefore I won't be renewing my listing. If possible, could you remove the listing now, as I'm already getting inquiries for next summer! I'd like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience renting my cabin."

"We appreciate ADK by owner - its' been a great rental season - fully booked!"

"Yes! Renew my listing. Service is fantastic and generates many valid inquiries! Thank you for a great service. I'm a Happy Camper."

"By the way I love your website and don't use any other. Last season the cabin [in Paradox Lake] rented out and this season only one week is left."

"I found your website very useful and was extremely happy with the response received from potential vacationers. Thank you. Should I find that in the future my property is vacant, I will certainly look to advertise through your website. It was easy to set up and manage. Thank you for everything"

"..for my first year I have six weeks of rentals thru adk..and am very pleased with this! Thank you!!"

"I will be renewing for sure! Your service is fantastic!!!"

"This has been the best spent money I have ever spent on advertising. Thank you."

"I've been using the site for 3 years and just love it. You do a great job - I've tried several others as well but they can't compare."

"Your site has been fantastic for me. I think I got 15-19 weeks and weekends rented last year by people going to the site. Many are repeats that first found out about my cabin through your site. Thanks for your great work."

"Last year was the first time I had rented my camp [in Beaver Lake]. I started out just renting for 4 weeks. There was a lot of interest and those I rented to were just wonderful people. I am very pleased with the service."

"I will no longer be needing your services as I am not going to be in the rental business any longer - due to the "aging process" etc. I have nothing but praise for your company and I thank you for past rentals. You contributed to my successful rental history."

"We have just received a contract on our log cabin and will be closing this August. Therefore, we no longer need to use your site for rentals. Your site has been a wonderful resource and I will be sure to let the new owners know if they plan on renting."

"The camp [in Fourth Lake] is booked through the summer, thanks to your site! I love your site and frequently recommend it to others! What you are doing works like a charm!"

"Thank you - I always appreciate how responsive you are whenever I contact you. It's so great to do business with you."

"I will not be renewing my listing as I have sold my lovely lodge. Thank you for your great service and help over these past years."

"I will not be renewing my listing [in Paradox] with AdkByOwner, but I want to assure you that I have been very happy with the service that you provided. The reason I am not renewing has to do with the fact that we have sold one of our two seasonal rental cabins, and the other one is just about fully rented for the coming summer, by former renters... I enjoyed the personal attention and responsiveness that you gave, and was totally satisfied! Best of luck."

"I want to thank you for your high level of service. Your site has been very good to us as first year ADK landlords. We had full occupancy during the summer but for one week and numerous long week-ends during the winter, spring and fall."

"Thank you for another wonderful year on your web site. This has been very useful and rentals for the season. Appreciate all your support and the wonderful job you do for me."

"I did not renew my rental listing because I am now living in my house full-time. I was very pleased with your service: every rental I had came through Adirondack By Owner. If I am in a position to rent out my house again I wouldn't hesitate to re-list with you."

"We now have a permanent renter in our house [in Speculator], so we won't be renewing at this time. The service is excellent and would use it in the future if the need arises."

"We have been very, very pleased with your site and all the considerations offered to us as your client."

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that we feel your website is terrific! Thank you very much for your professional and courteous service over the past several summers. We have recommended your service to others and will continue to do so."

"My ad I placed (for the first time) on your Adirondack By Owner website has been very successful and it has produced high quality inquiries."

"Thank you for your fine services. I don't know what I would do without your listing. I very much appreciate using "By Owner"."

"We are thrilled with your services. We are getting great exposure and results for our Farmhouse 'Grouse Patch' rental listing in Keene in its first year."

"Thank you for hosting our ad for these last several years [for our property in Broadalbin]. The service was reliable and invaluable for our rentals. The only reason we let it expire is because we sold the property. Thanks again. You do a great job and I will probably rent from one of your listings soon!"

"We have been very happy with the service we have received with "adkbyowner". The only reason we have not renewed for this year is that we have already rented our camp for this year's quota (four weeks); two through your listing, one through local word of mouth, and one repeat. Rest assured that should the occasion call for it, we will be pleased to list with you again next year."

"Just wanted to let you know that our listing was one of the original listings on your site when you first got started. It is the only place we advertise and appreciate all you have done to make it work so well."

"To Everyone that rents a home in the Adirondacks: We have received outstanding professional advice regarding our listings and over the ten years of being on ADKbyowner we have been more than satisfied with our rental history which has been secured because of ADKbyowners presence on the net, billboards, and ads on many media sources."

"We sold our house and will no longer need your exceptional service. We're planning on getting another house next year. If we decide to rent again we'll definitely use your services. Thanks and keep up the good work."

"We definitely plan to renew and greatly appreciate your wonderful service!"

"I sold my vacation rental [in Lake Placid] so I no longer need your service. It was a great service for the past six years. Thank you!!"

"I have been impressed with the prompt reply and attention to the smallest details or complaints. You all have always seemed to make the effort to make things right. I have deeply appreciated my association with your great business. A good idea and nicely executed with good follow up. WELL DONE!"

"Thank you for such a successful website. It has been great with all the improvements!! We have a fully rented summer again."

"I think you have a wonderful website. The upgrade last year was fabulous and addressed many of my concerns. This is the only website we have ever used and every summer we rent for ten weeks on my page on your website."

"I will be renewing my listing soon. I really like your site and I get lots of inquiries/bookings. Thanks again!"

"This has been my main advertising -- very successful for this 80 year old. Many thanks."

"Thank you for your willingness to better serve your customers. I have found ADKbyowner a great asset."

"I'm very pleased with the inquiries I get from your site. Wish I'd signed up years ago! Keep up the good work!"

"Thank you for all you do and we want you to know we love this site!"

"I have found this service to be excellent and have highly recommended it for people to view for rentals and their listings."

"I appreciate the service of your excellent website. I have sold 2 separate parcels of property and continue to have great success in renting my properties on Seventh Lake, Inlet, NY. Take care and continued success."

"I thought I'd take a quick sec to tell you how pleased we have been with adkbyowner. We have had nothing but success as a result of our affiliation and we look forward to continuing this relationship well into the future. Thanks and have a good week!"

"I am a lister on Adk by owner with 2 rentals. I also have a home on the North Shore of Kauai which I rent. I have been renting it for the same time, the past 3 years, as I have been with the 2 camps in the Adirondacks. I just have not had the same success as I have had with my Adirondack properties, I know it has to do with your site and with your advertising of the site. Have you ever thought of starting sites for other locations?"

"Just want to thank you for the great web site. It has worked out very well. Pleasure to do business with you."

"We no longer own the rental property and will not renew the listing. Thank you for a great service in the past. ADKbyowner is a very effective program."

"I'd like to thank you guys for keeping the website up to date and easy to use. We have had a lot of success so far."

"The service has been great and we have had a good rental year despite the economy. Thanks."

"Hello. We think that the website is fantastic. Since we have started advertising our rental on the website our rentals have skyrocketed."

"I just want to once again, tell you how wonderful your site is. I have used it 3 different years to rent and once to sell. The response was great. The renters I have has, and I've had many, have been the best quality I could ask for. Never once have I had even the slightest incidence, my tenants are always pleased with their accomodations and they leave the place spotless. Without a web site such as yours, I would never be able to matchup with these tenants."

"Just want to say we are so happy with the ADKbyOwner website. This is our second season with you and we have successfully rented our property for the whole season easily and quickly. Thanks again, great website, easy to use and so helpful to us."

"I think the site is great and I have great rentals from it. The site is super now with your upgrades allowing for content changes 24/7. Thank you for responding to my questions."

"Love the new and improved website. Have had lots of success renting w/ADK By Owner.....Keep up the great work!!"

" Hi ADK - I wanted to congratulate you on the improvements made to the website. Our listing is very easy to modify and is displayed very well on the site. Your service is superior to others offered in the area! Thanks again!"

"Just to let you know, my husband and I have just sold our Adirondack rental property since we have moved to British Columbia. We were sorry to say good-bye to it, but it didn't make sense to keep it. So, you can cancel our listing. Thanks for your excellent service over the past 5 or so years - we did a lot of business because of your service!"

"I currently have a vacation rental which I has been fantastic for us. The week of Christmas, we booked the entire summer with a lot of rentals in between. I love the new changes to the owners section. We are also listed on Home Away although I must say that 75% of my bookings come from Adirondack By Owner."

"Thanks and by the way, we can't tell you how pleased we are with the way you run the web site. We rented about 9 times since we put it on in the spring and it seems to draw an nice group of renters with a certain respect for our home that we take a lot of pride in. So glad we found you guys!"

"We have been incredibly pleased with the response we have received, but more importantly, the caliber of clientele that you attract on your site. Thanks for a great year and look forward to another wonderful and lucrative year ahead!!"

"l have had great success with renting my cottages and this is a wonderful website."

"We've had a great summer with lots of rentals, all through your website. Thanks so much!"

"Keep up the great work as my phone rings off the hook with rentals."

"Hello.  The Last Minute Rental special worked great for August as we are completely booked."

"Thank you for doing such a fine job marketing my rental.  Your site pops up first in many website searches and has been instrumental in my many successful bookings over the past years.  Your site is easy to use and you have been most helpful answering my questions when needed.  I would recommend you to anyone trying to sell or rent in the Adirondacks.  Thank you for such good service!"

"Your service has been invaluable to our rental property.  95% of my rentals come through your website the others from local real estate offices, thank you for creating this web site!"

"This listing [for our Lake Placid condo] was very helpful to us.  We got 99% of our rentals from adkbyowner.  Thanks again."

"You really are as good as your testimonials say. You are, in fact, a dinosaur in the business world. You actually say you will do something and you really do it. My daughter has an ad with you also and she is pleased. We both have had a lot of responses. Don't let this all go to your head as we are sure you would be a total failure in politics since before you can succeed there you have to learn to lie with a straight face promise them the world and then do the opposite. Add us to your list of satisfied customers. Please don't change."

"Hello, I am definitely renewing with your site. I am sending the check out tomorrow. I appreciate everything you have done for us and I always recommend this site to others that are thinking about renting."

"Adirondack by owner: We just listed our house in your vacation rental section and have been very pleased with the results already. We have 5 weeks booked and its only been online for less than a week!! Thank you very much."

"Thanks and keep up the good work - we've been with you for years and continue to be satisfied with your fine, well-managed service."

"Thanks again for all your help and your great site, it works like a charm for me, I could rent 3 + camps to capacity with all the requests I have a great service!"

"Your site brought us a late-season (mid-October) rental from Augusta, Georgia, a first in our 35 years from that far South.  We also were full for the entire summer, thanks to your help."

"I want to thank you for providing such a terrific service. We don't always have openings, but when we do, we've found very good renters through Adirondack by Owner."

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with adkbyowner.  It is basically our business base. You do a fantastic job of keeping the website current and your advertising is terrific.  Thanks so much for all you do!" 

"Thanks very much for your support and keep up the great work - you truly have a useful and valuable website service!"

"We love this site and are very pleased with all that you have done."

"Thanks for you help.  We've had wonderful success renting through you."

"Thanks so much for your service. It's a great one!"

"Thanks, and by the way, your site is great! We have booked two summers complete two years in a row and the summer coming, we only have one week left. Keep up the good work!"

"Hello.   This site has driven great success for my rental property.   I do appreciate everything that adirondackbyowner has offered to me."

"We just wanted you to know that we are very pleased with our renting success by listing our cabin on your website."

"We've had another excellent rental year with many repeat tenants as well as new ones, so thanks again for the great job you do with the website and promotion."

"We do have another property listed with you, and without you guys, I don't think we would have a business today. It's a great service, and much appreciated!"

"I would like to say how pleased we have been with your service. Previously we used a local rental agency and have found your the listing has provided us with a greater target audience as well as more personal, for establishing rentals. Thank You!"

"By the way - I really love your website.  I am very familiar with your competition and you have them beat "hands down"."

"Just a note to Thank you for a great site...."

"We love adkbyowner and intend to continue to use it. The check is already written."

"Yes, we definitely want to keep our site open! I have mailed you the check today. Please do keep our spot for us, we really love your website results."

"Thank you very much for your assistance!!  Our listing on your site has generated wonderful traffic.  We are so appreciative of how well your service is working!!"

"We are extremely satisfied with your service. This is our first year listed with you and we will continue to do so."

"You guys do a terrific job with your website. Many thanks."

"Hello -- We've been amazed at the amount of activity we've received even in just the brief period of time we've listed with Impressive!"

"Yes, we will be renewing our listing with you - payment was mailed out this morning. Thanks for the great service!"

"Your website has been a blessing! I had received many contacts and had successfully rented my place in 2006, the first year I ran my ad on your website."

"Your service has been wonderful and has paid for itself over and over again."

"Thank you. We have not yet received the renewal notice but will look for it and send in a check. Thank you for keeping up this helpful website."

"Many thanks. Your website has been a godsend to our family!" 

"Thanks for the great service thru the years. I have been very satisfied!"

"Your website has helped us rent our vacation home very successfully! Thanks!"

"I am so pleased with the service that Adirondack By Owner has offered. I have turned my rental into a successful business thanks to Adirondack By Owner. I have found the most admirable renters from this site."

"By the way, I also like to let you know that we have been very happy with your service [for our rental on Oxbow Lake] and would highly recommend you to others."

"Hello, My current listing is in Old Forge. I recently paid for another year of listing. I see that you have made the changes to my listing and it looks great. My sister has just listed her place with you as well.. she sees how much success I have had and she already has her place booked for the summer. Have a great year."

"I want to tell you how happy I am with your service. I am always booked and have especially increased my winter bookings. I once advertised in the Rochester newspaper for two nights. I never saw a copy of the ad so I'm even sure it was in and I got no phone calls. That ad cost me $75. In less than 2 years my page on your site has had over 11,500 hits. I am constantly getting inquiries both by email and phone. Thank you for providing such a valuable service."

"Thanks for your help, we have been very successful with our summer rentals, we are completely booked for our second year!"

"We mailed our listing fee check to you on Sat. Our listing has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. Last summer was the first time we ever listed our family home with you. We filled it successfully within two weeks of having it first appear on the web. Astounding! For summer 2007, we have literally been pounded with requests. We wish we had more homes to list with you. The elders in our family were anxious about first renting the house but your wonderful website has taken all of the jitters away. Thank you soooooooooo much for providing such a fantastic service."

"We currently have two listings with you on, both of which have been a huge success, due in large part by the exposure they receive on your website - thank you VERY MUCH for all of the good work you've done over the past couple of years."

"Just used your availability calendar and found the set up easy and informative. You have a quality web site and I'm pleased with the service you offer. Thank you."

"That amenities availability selection is SUPER NICE...Great Idea. Should help all us renters. Thank you."

"My check is in the mail...please don't shut me down! This site has worked great for me....Good Job!!!"

"Payment is on it's way. We have had lots of favorable contacts. Thanks for a great and reasonable service."

"Hi guys...just want to thank you. As of this past week [first week in March], my place is booked for the entire summer season."

"Last year was my first year with you and it was great, so thank you!"

"The check [is] in the mail. Thanks for your outstanding website."

"Thanks so much for your assistance. You folks have been so effective over the years, we've discontinued using some of your competitors."

"It is February 2 and I am just about Booked for the Summer - Thanks to you!"

"Thanks for being there to help us so much in renting our house so we can remain here too!"

"Hello. Just wanted to let you know that we are canceling our website listing [because] we have sold our home . . . Thank you for all of your efforts with your website over the years. We did very well with our rentals and could have rented our 2007 summer weeks several times over though all dates have been blocked for months."

"Thanks very much for your support and keep up the great work - you truly have a useful and valuable website service!"

"2006 was a great renting year and our first year with your organization. Thank you for the level of quality renters you sent our way! It has been a pleasure dealing with your firm and we look forward to increasing our ventures with placing a second camp on line in 2007."

"We sure did get a lot of good people to rent this past summer, and each person was wonderful, and we thank you for that!"

"Dear Sirs:  Thank you so much for your assistance.  By the way I am extremely pleased with your service.  It has been the best thing that we have done since we purchased our property."

"Thanks for all that you do to make our investment a success!"

"Thank You! We think your website the best in the business."

"Thank You so much, Adirondack "By Owner" has been an astounding success for over three years for my camp. My renters have discovered Galway Lake and are coming year after year."

"We have had numerous inquiries to date, many thanks for your great service."

"Thank you for such a great service...we have had great results by being a part of your website!"

"Thank you for doing such a great job.  This is my first year as an owner and owe all of our successful rental to your company."

"Your website has worked miracles for renting our camp. We appreciate all the work you do and have highly recommended your site to others (my neighbor is currently selling his house on your site!!). We have rentals in other locations and there is no other site that is so successful, including Ever thought about doing rental/sales sites in other destination areas? You have filled a niche and it works incredible well! Thanks again."

"Thank you VERY much.  This is great. It [my listing] went up yesterday and I had two calls yesterday!"

"A quick note to acknowledge a job well done... Didn't track how many emails and/or phone calls we received over the past six to eight months for summer rentals at our camp in Hague. But, it had to be well over 100, possibly 200. Truly amazed! Kudos also for all the promotional efforts you have offered along the way. You folks really wear that proverbial marketing hat when it comes to customer support. (I have waterfront property in Alabama - Internet options aren't even close.)

"This is our first season using your site, our summer weeks filled within three weeks of putting the add up. Your site works wonderful, I have highly recommended it to others who also have listed their homes. Thanks for the service! Your doing a great job advertising, keep up the great job, we appreciate it!"

"Fantastic site -- many quality rentals -- THANKS!"

"I certainly intend to renew my listing; Adirondack by Owner has been my lifeline. My check and paperwork are in the mail."

"At what point do I need to 'renew' my listing [in Lake Placid] for another year? The site has been fabulous for me!"

"Nice doing business with you. You're a first class operation."

"I love the site, when I first started this rental [in North Creek] I signed  up for three other sites at the same time. Since then I have cancelled my membership on two of the others I get more than enough business of adk by owner. I will be listing a house for sale with you as soon as I finish it later this year."

"We are taking our house off the seasonal rental market, so will not be renewing. We did rent through Adirondack by Owner for last winter's season, though, so thank you for the service."

"Please remove our listing. We sold our property.Adirondack "By Owner" was the only advertising I ever needed to use for our rental and I'm grateful that the service was available. It worked very well for us. I wish you continued success"

"Please continue our listing on your website for another year. Thank you for your help in running a great website! - so far, we have been pleased with the results."

"Good afternoon.  We will indeed be renewing our listing.  We've had tremendous success with each of our listings on your website, and we thank you for the great job you've done in the past.  Thanks again, and we're looking forward to another successful year with you!"

"Hello folks! I have sold my rental property and would like to have it removed from your website. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help over the past 2 years."

"Just want to let you guys know that you have a great thing going! First year out and I booked every summer week by mid April and now getting fall weekend inquiries! The best return for my investment I ever experienced! Thanks so much!"

"Thanks to your web site I am having the best rental season I have ever had. I am sorry I did not list with you sooner."

"Hello Adk By Owner. We have some changes we want to make but we are going to be out of town for a couple of weeks. We'll be in touch when we return. Thanks so much. Your site is our best advertiser."

"Our web page looks you do these yourself?! Whoever does them, I am very impressed. We have already been contacted by a few people, although no one has yet confirmed a reservation. I will surely recommend your service to anyone who is thinking of listing."

"Your site is the BEST and I get more referrals from it than any others."

"I have had a wonderful response to my listing with you. I am already booked for the summer (since last fall) and have several bookings for the winter!"

"We've looked at the revised site many times, the photo's look great and we've have gotten a lot of responses early this year for bookings. The returning guests have commented that the site looks great!"

"Adirondack By Owner thank you so much. Again your website was great and I will recommend it to any one trying to rent out a property."

"We have referred a number of people to your website (owner's) as we have had very good luck advertising with you!"

"Enclosed please find our renewal check. We are thrilled to still be using your site, it works so well."

"Thank you for the great looking listing. We got our first request in the first five hours! . . . Thanks again for putting together this great site and for getting it on line so quickly!"

"Hi, We have listed our cottage on Upper Saranac Lake with you since November 2005. Just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with the results we have received and are very pleased with your site."

"First of all let me say that we are very pleased with the requests that are generated by adkbyowner. It really has been advertising money well spent."

"This is our second year listing our rental through you. We were very pleased with our results last year and look forward to filling the few remaining weeks through your service."

"We appreciate the service you provided to us this year. It has helped us tremendously."

"We get good responses from your website, and I appreciate your attentiveness and responsiveness."

I have had good luck listing with you. I like the site and have had several compliments about our ad and the site in general."

Hi, just wanted to let you know we will indeed renew our listing with you. Your site has been our best source for our business!!"

"Good Morning. Thanks for putting out this bulletin and taking care of your customers. I am very pleased with my choice of Adirondack by Owner for my advertising. You are very professional and give more than expected. Thanks again."

"I can't tell you the amount of interest in our cabin and how pleased we are with your service."

"We have decided to not re-list at this time as most of our dates for 2006 have already been filled. However, we do expect to re-post sometime later in the year for 2007. Thank you for your excellent service!"

"We wanted to write to let you know we are most pleased with the results of our rental ad in Adirondack by Owner.  We never imagined we would have that kind of results the first year, thank you."

"Thanks - your service yielded $12K in rentals last summer!! No realtor fees! Yeah!"

"Happy New year! Excellent site. Thank you for the privilege to be on Adk By owner!"

"Please renew our listing for our lodge in Inlet. Sorry this is cutting it close but I will mail the check first thing in the morning. You provide a very good service and it has been a pleasure being part of the network. Thank you and have a great holiday season. Thanks!"

"We have had good success in the first year of our relationship with you. The rentals originated from your system have paid our listing fee for about 10 years already. Keep up the good work, you have a great thing going!"

"Hello. Payment is on the way. Thank you, you guys do a great job!"

"ADK By Owner is working well for us. Thanks for being there." "

We love you. How else would anyone find us?!"

"I would first of all like to thank the Adirondack "By Owner" organization for developing a wonderful site. This past summer was a success with all dates booked containing clients from Adirondack By Owner. I have former clients coming next year."

"We will be re-listing our site. Thanks again, we had a very successful season!"

"Thanks for all that you do. Our page has gotten us completely booked for each of the last 2 summers."

"Hello. We are wanting to thank you for the great website and the best people you have attracted to our farm. We have just enjoyed them and hope they found exactly the vacation they wanted out here. I don't know how else they would have found us!! We will pass your site on to others and many thanks again."

"First off, let me say just how pleased we are with the site overall. We've had a fabulous response since we've put our first rental out there, and are planning on placing several more as well. Thanks for making our rentals such a success!"

"Please remove our vacation rental listing [on Caroga Lake] from your site and service asap.  We are completely booked for the remainder of 2005 and have chosen not to continue to rent our property in the future.  Thank you for offering a phenomenal service to property owners.  The  interest in our property generated by this site increased by leaps and bounds each year.  Keep up the good work!"

"I'm an owner with the units at Cresthaven in Lake George. May I place a "blurb" on your website about your site?  I think you are doing a magnificent job. We've rented several weeks and have sold 1 of the 2 weeks that we have for sale via your site. We've gotten a lot of action from your site because it is so well marketed for our region. Thanks for all that you do. It has helped us tremendously!"

"Received your e-mail -- ad looks great. Already booked a week. Thank you for promptly setting up the site."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank your website for my first year of success.  My listing is completely booked for the entire season, and the calls still continue to flow.  I have received so much interest that it has forced me to resort to a waiting list. I have booking for 2006 already.  Thank you for the great service that Adirondack "By Owner" provides."

"You guys are great, run a terrific web site and service for all of us.  I find that dealing directly with the guests prevents any problems or misunderstandings or misuse of the property. Most folks who rented from me are planning to return again. Thanks again!"

"I just posted our availability on the calendar you provide with our listing and it is FANTASTIC!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  What a wonderful addition.  I could not be happier, it could not have been easier. AMAZING!"

"As the anniversary of my joining Adirondack By Owner approaches (I think four to five years), I want to tell you again how valuable your service is.  Your site has become better and better with each passing year. Congratulations on growing your business. I admire your knowledge and expertise . . . I've recommended your service to many of my friends who want to rent their property. They too have only good words for Adirondack By Owner."

"Thank you for the wonderful ad [for our rental in Queensbury].  I have already received two responses to it [after only two days on the website], which was very exciting!"

"Thank you for a great service.  We could have rented the cottage three times over for August and have had tenants from as far away as Puerto Rico.  We will definitely renew in '05."

"Your service is so good that we probably have rented for '05 from the '04 listing . . .Thanks for a good organization."

"Thank You for your time and for providing this web site.  We have been very pleased with the exposure that our property gets and with the resulting rentals."

"You are the BEST SITE.  The others are just a waste of money.  I have done even better in 04 than 03 and most are through YOU.  Thanks so much for your excellent service."

"I would like to take time to thank you for allowing me to showcase my camp [near Saratoga] on Adirondack "By Owner." The layout is excellent and easy to follow.  I have had numerous calls from all over the United States. I am extremely glad I ran across your website."

"Our response from our ad has been tremendous! Thank you for running such a quality operation!"

"We were very pleased with the responses we received on such a short notice listing.  We rented three of the four weeks available -- one from Texas, one from New Jersey, and one from Buffalo."

"I received the email from Adirondack By Owner for my listing, stating that it has been placed on the website.  I appreciate this service very much, and am surprised how fast and easy it was.  Please continue to use this email. Your site is very user friendly.  I already received my first call.  Thank You very much."

"Hi. You guys have been great -- all my rentals have come from you exclusively."

"Thanks for all your support!  We enjoy being part of your website and have found it to be productive. Thanks much!"

"Thank you so much for an outstanding site.  Our renters were 99% fantastic, respectful and wonderful." 

"Hello.  Payment is on the way for our renewal.  Your site has been a great source of referrals for us."

"To give you some feed back, after one year [with Adirondack "By Owner"], the rentals that are coming to me via your web site are over taking those brought to me by brokers."

"Please renew the ad for our vacation rental.  We love your service.  Thank you!"

"Enclosed is my check to renew my listing.  We look forward to another year of your fabulous service. We have had the best experiences with you.  Thank you."

"Your site certainly seems to be working as we have full occupancy this summer (waiting for a confirmation of that last pre Labor Day week when many kids are already back to school).  We are also booked for most of September, so Adirondack "By Owner" is still working great for us!  Thanks for all your hard work in promoting the site so well."

"Your site is terrific. We rented our newly listed property for the entire summer because of you and my mother-in-law, the property owner, saved having to pay a local realtor a few hundred per week for commission of doing what we enjoyed doing with the use of your site. We are very grateful. Thanks, again and keep up the great work. We recommend your site to everyone we encounter."

"You guys sure are on top of things!"

"Dear Adirondack By Owner:  I want to tell you how very happy I am with the service you offer. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect the response I have received from listing my camp for rent with you. This is my first year of renting and I was agonizing as to how to advertise . . . what papers to put ads in . . . is there a way to put it on the internet, and if so WHERE? I stumbled upon your website by chance and it is so user friendly and easy to understand that I decided to try Adirondack By Owner. Almost immediately I began to get responses, and I LOVE the hit counter on the bottom of my ad. Because I am so limited in skills on the computer, it was wonderful how you did all the work for me. Again, I can't thank you enough for all you've done. I have told everyone I know about your website and couldn't recommend you higher."

"We are very pleased with your service and have confirmed four rental weeks so far, and have others in the process right now.  We are also pleased with your frequent updates and offers."

"The advertising and support you folks give is terrific.  I am very impressed!"

"You guys/gals are the BEST!"

"I have really appreciated your service.  However, I will not be renting out the camp next year.  I tell everyone how much I like your organization. If I were renting out again, believe me, I'd use your services again."

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this is the BEST website to be listed on ! Thanks for adding the special July/August available rentals page.  We picked up two rentals within the last week because of it."

"We would like to renew our listing with you.  Your site is fantastic and we have had a tremendous response."

"Unbelievable! My rental property has been listed for only 2 weeks and I've had over 25 requests and 7 rentals. Your quick responses to my questions made the listing process easy. I would and have recommended your site to my friends."

"Enclosed please find my check for my annual renewal.  Thank you for your excellent service."

"We are VERY happy with the feedback we are getting from our ad,  and VERY pleased with the way you handle the web site.  Excellent!!"

"I will say that your listing has been great.  The listing is only a week old and the summer months are almost booked.  People have inquired from London to new Orleans.  Thanks again."

"We have been very happy with the results we have received using this site and are also glad when we see ads in Adirondack Life & the Adirondack Express among other publications, too!"

"I refer your web site to new rental property owners over here in the Old Forge area, it is by far the best site for referrals!"

"I am so pleased with the responses we have received to our listing on your website.  We've met the nicest people through email and phone conversations.  Your site certainly seems to attract wonderful people. Thank you!"

"Your website is a bit bigger and better than when we first started with you a few years ago!"

"Your site has been a great source for clients and my rental in Tupper Lake has been a great success thanks to you." 

"I can't tell you how productive these ads are for us.  I can't imagine trying to rent the camps now without your website!"

"Thanks again for your help.  Since we've listed [less than two weeks ago] we have already scheduled two rentals. I can't say enough about your service. It's been working great!"

"The rental went very well last summer. We really were able to reach a lot of people from all over the East coast. I can see after being with you for almost a year that this is a very well run organization. Hats off to you all!"

"Thanks for your excellent website.  Diana and I have REALLY benefited from having our chalet listed with you guys!"

"We want to let you know that you have an excellent website, well thought out, easy to use and well organized. We are very satisfied with your website.

"I think your site is great!  My ad was up one day in July and I rented the place for both weeks I had available in August and for the Labor day weekend.  I have turned away at least a dozen interested people because it was already rented.  I spoke with a realtor a couple weeks earlier and they didn't do anything."

"Your service has been working splendidly! The weeks I have booked for next year are mostly repeat renters who came via Adirondack by Owner this year!  They are very happy campers, and so am I!"

"We couldn't be happier with the results from your service!!!!!!!!!"

"The service is working great. I recommend it to people often."  

"I have booked more rentals with your website in a month than a local realtor has done for me in six months -- at the same rental rate!" 

"We love listing in Adirondack By Owner and look forward to another year with you."

"Needless to say, we have been very pleased with your service.  Within 3 weeks of the listing going up this May we had rented all open weeks for the year.  The clients all seem have been very good to deal with thus far."  

"Just to let you know, all our rentals this summer were from using your site."

"I heard on the radio that you are sponsoring some fine music in the Tri-Lakes.  Good for you, and I'm assuming this means that this website is successful for you.  It certainly is for us . . . we rent 99% through contacts on"

"Hi . . . just wanted to thank you for your excellent site.  We were surprised at how many responses we got regarding the rental of our property.  In just a few weeks on your website we booked mostly all of July and August, thanks to you!"

"The response to our ad was immediate and overwhelming.  Please add a note that we are fully booked for the 2003 season and that we are accepting reservations for the 2004 season.  Thank you very much for the service."

"I have been listed on since the beginning of January 2003 (approximately three weeks), but have already had more replies and bookings than through any real estate agents. I highly recommend Adirondack "By Owner" as the service is professional, efficient, and well worth the money which is returned by bookings." 

"This is the BEST $150 investment I have ever made!"

"I am overly impressed with the performance of your website."

"Hi.  I just listed with you.  It looks great and I've already gotten two responses before I even knew the site was up!  Thanks!"

"Have been busy and successful. The townhouse is rented from May 1, 2003 throughout the summer until Sept. 1, 2003.  Thanks.  You are better than the realtors!"

"We continue to have overwhelming response to our listing with you, both in traffic and in compliments on the page.  Thanks!"

"I am a very satisfied customer. The exposure, response and service have been excellent."

"I am very pleased with your service.  I decided to rent my Adirondack home for the first time this year.  I have gotten a steady stream of telephone calls and e-mail messages from potential renters since my listing went up on your site.  My house is now rented solid from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  I even had one person inquiring about renting it this winter.  So far, all of the people who have rented it seem to be quite nice and have left the home in good shape.  They all have had nice things to say about the home and all seem eager to rent it again someday.  I have been surprised about two things: the level of the demand (for a home that isn't even on a lake) and the national draw (very few of my renters are from NYC, New Jersey or Upstate New York).  Your service is simple and effective.  Thanks.  P.S. -- I also have the home listed with [a local real estate agency].  They don't seem to get near the response that your site does."

"I am getting a great response and wish I had found you sooner."

"We have only had our ad listed with you for three weeks in January and we have nine weeks of the summer rented."

"Thanks -- your site is exceptional!"

"Your service has been absolutely wonderful. I have been overwhelmed with calls and emails. We were fully rented for next summer a few weeks before Christmas. We've had a fantastic response through your ad. It was well worth the $150 which actually gave us two summers of renters. I had advertised in several New York papers two years ago with very little response. Whatever you are
doing, it has worked well for us."

"I would like to take a moment to say how pleased I have been with your service. Being a first year user of Adirondack "By Owner" I have been overwhelmed with inquiries from all over the world requesting my rental property. It is really amazing how many people use your website daily.  Thank for all your help.  GREAT SITE!"

"Thanks for your "Last Minute Specials" service.  It filled our cancellation of August 17-24.  We appreciate your excellent service."

"Wanted to tell you that the listing has been a great success.  I get a couple of e-mails a day about our house in Lake George and we've nearly rented it fully for the summer.  Thanks to you!"

"It's nice to do business with people who do what they say they are going to do."

"Your service is spectacular! I have had so many requests on the house. I went through a realtor for two years and never rented all of July or any other periods during the year. This year is definitely different and I really appreciate all that you have done. Thank you!"

"We've had a very good response to our listing in the short time that we've had our listing, and are pleased with your website. I enjoy having the personal contact with potential renters as well."

"We are very pleased with your service.  The listing is great."

"ADK By Owner is wonderful for me. I have future tenants from out of state and NYC area who love it here and are hikers--for which my house is perfect. Your reputation is clearly growing. Other on-line rental companies got hold of my e-mail via ADK By Owner.  so I wonder if that undercuts you. I have no interest in using them because I trust ADK By Owner."

"So far, I am very happy with your service!"

"We are very pleased with your service. Since last May, we have not needed to advertise elsewhere. We had a nice response from the website listing and many nice new people are renting at our cottages as a result. Thanks again."

"You are doing too well for us.  We were fully rented in January for this summer."

"To make things simple, the cottage is completely rented from June 1 through September 14. This is a marvelous site!"

"The service has been excellent and we will continue to list with you."

"Thank God we found you -- the check is in the mail!"

"We love your service!  It really works!"

"So far, I am highly impressed with Adirondack "By Owner" -- thank you!

"We are very pleased with the service and exposure.  Advertising with Adirondack By Owner was money well-spent and we will continue to do so."

"As for your service at Adirondack By Owner: we're very pleased with the response.  We never had any fall weeks booked by the rental agent, but have had several weeks booked through you.  The service has already paid for itself.  We think you've got the "better mousetrap," and that the rental agents are probably getting nervous."

"We have had a good response from your website and we thank you.  We will continue to use your site. Thanks again for a great service."

"Keep up the great work.  I truly have had so much business, and I don't mean just inquiries but actual reservations, from being on your site.  I just hope that the rates stay within reason so I can continue to advertise with you!"

"Your website is terrific -- almost all of our rentals are through our listing with you, and we look forward to another great year.  Thanks again!"

"I was able to complete my summer home's rentals for seven weeks in only 60 days listed with Adirondack "By Owner"!"

"This site is AWESOME! I receive many emails each day regarding my rental. I'm so happy we found you! I have my place listed on another website also. I have only had about 160 hits there since August 1999. On your site I've had well over 500 and I've been listed with you for less time! Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks for all your help. Your whole set up is great and you have done an exceptional job with the program. I have had wonderful prospects this past year and it has helped with my mother's bills."

"We were fully booked this summer and turned away at least 40 parties wanting to rent!"

"We have been extremely delighted and surprised in how well the Adirondack "By Owner" website has aided us in renting our camp. This is our first vacation property, our first year renting it, and our first time on a web site -- a virtual babe in the woods. Needless to say, we were very nervous about the whole situation and whether we would be successful in renting for the whole summer. We initially thought we would have to engage a realty company to do what we needed. We thought that going this route with a new web site company might not be too successful. Were we ever proven wrong! You have been wonderful to work with, we have been overflowing with requests about our property, we rented our camp for 10 weeks with only being on the web site for 5 weeks. Now we continue to receive many inquiries weekly that we file away for next year! We now don't have to advertise in other places because we found our home. Thanks again, Adirondack "By Owner" for what you have done for us!"


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